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website slow loading when signed in on firefox mobile android


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    The website is very slow to load when signed in on firefox andriod. The horizontal scroll elements especially the   "because you read" page can take forever and even stop the site from loading further eg the topbar never loads the signed in part. Chrome seems to work fine. Also firefox works after deleting all cache and information for the wuxiaworld and then reloading goes fine untill there is a couple of days worth of cache.

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     On 11/25/2023 at 8:32 PM, Daoist_DarkSLight said:  Have you heard of web apps? It is the browser's feature of installing a web page like an app.    So I have a Samsung browser which I used to install the site as an app & on the pc using edge browser.    

I don't see how that solves slow loading times. The content that is not loading is dynamic content. That isn't going to change when 'downloading' the website      

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