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Ex Rank Supporting Role’s Replay in a Prestigious School ( 명문고 EX급 조연의 리플레이)


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Title: Ex Rank Supporting Role’s Replay in a Prestigious School ( 명문고 EX급 조연의 리플레이)
Novel status according to Novelupdates: Ongoing
Translated: Yes


This is a great novel. The story is really great. The MC kinda remind me of Cale. He is very dependable, smart and caring. i think IF you enjoyed TCF, you will enjoy this one. Unfortunetly the novel is destroyed because bad translation. 


Untill now there are 3 groups who translate this novels. Waffles (untill chapter 40), Novelmultiverse (chapter 703) and Library Key Translation (chapter 123).

- Waffles actually did a good job unfortunetly they dropped it after translating 40 chapters.

- NM:Yes they have already translate 700+ chapters but all those chapters have siht quality. U can use google to translate n will probably get a better result than NM translation.

- LK: Better than NM but not better than waffles. 


So I hope WW can save this novel!



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1 hour ago, rkumar18 said:

But the translation is stopped, right? I don't really feel like reading it, as it might not ever get a proper translation.

yes. they drop it. But just in case u want to try n read it, read it from waffles. Their 40 chapters is soooo much better than NM. NM translation is worse than MTL (And I am someone who read MTL often. ex: Beyond the timescape, martial god regressed to level 2, renegade immortal). 

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Thank you for the recommendation, but sourcing this work appears to be challenging. 
The story, which is quite heartwarming and relationship-focused, follows a protagonist who, after dying, enters a kusoge world to achieve a happy ending with beloved characters. However, the setting and world-building are too much rooted in Eastern culture, particularly in Korean local mythology. For instance, the school system, character powers, skill names, and detailed local backgrounds are all derived from ancient Korean myths. It requires extensive knowledge of Korean folklore while the first-person narrative doesn't provide enough information/explanation about the world. This complexity could pose translation challenges as well. I'm concerned about how well these settings will be accepted by the Wuxiaworld audience.

I am sorry to say this, but can you recommand another title instead?

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