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Ex Rank Supporting Role’s Replay in a Prestigious School ( 명문고 EX급 조연의 리플레이)

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Title: Ex Rank Supporting Role’s Replay in a Prestigious School ( 명문고 EX급 조연의 리플레이)
Novel status according to Novelupdates: Ongoing
Translated: Yes


This is a great novel. The story is really great. The MC kinda remind me of Cale. He is very dependable, smart and caring. i think IF you enjoyed TCF, you will enjoy this one. Unfortunetly the novel is destroyed because bad translation. 


Untill now there are 3 groups who translate this novels. Waffles (untill chapter 40), Novelmultiverse (chapter 703) and Library Key Translation (chapter 123).

- Waffles actually did a good job unfortunetly they dropped it after translating 40 chapters.

- NM:Yes they have already translate 700+ chapters but all those chapters have siht quality. U can use google to translate n will probably get a better result than NM translation.

- LK: Better than NM but not better than waffles. 


So I hope WW can save this novel!



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1 hour ago, rkumar18 said:

But the translation is stopped, right? I don't really feel like reading it, as it might not ever get a proper translation.

yes. they drop it. But just in case u want to try n read it, read it from waffles. Their 40 chapters is soooo much better than NM. NM translation is worse than MTL (And I am someone who read MTL often. ex: Beyond the timescape, martial god regressed to level 2, renegade immortal). 

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