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Battle Through The Heavens live action series


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Just finished watching The Blood of Youth adaptation. Pleasantly surprised that it was pretty good overall. Looking like season 2 is in the works

So got it into my head that I could continue down this path and check out a few more adaptations. Battle through the Heavens was the first option. I had sort of checked it our when it was first released but never got around to actually watching it. I was so excited to watch since there had been much hype but mixed reviews. The actors were A listers so the star power was there to carry it forward and it did for a couple of seasons. Have not bothered to check it there is a continuation.

Suffice to say I watched the first half hour or so, fumed and ground my teeth then happily kicked it to the curb. This drama series was one of the loosest adaptations i have ever had the displeasure of watching. The story was so off from the source material that it was like I was watching a whole new story. At least the names and places matched. 

The acting was decent and the special fx done well. Too the rest not so much. If you have not read the novel but you enjoy a good martial arts/fantasy story for the entertainment  alone then its has value. 

my rating: 4/10


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Ok so thought I would give this so called Season 2 of BTTH the live drama series a try. All I can say is why do I do these things to myself and then resent it all after. 

Lack of a budget is a deciding factor, along with the actors who are still green around the gills. It also is not a continuation from season 1 but a sort of restart from a different point of time in the novel. Leaving the viewers from season 1 with a hate on for this. Season 1 ended on a cliff hanger which was never a part of being resolved  in Season 2. 

Ah well, live and learn yet again, time to go and wash my mind out with a couple of chapters from the novel to take away the bad taste. 

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