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I've always asked myself how the popular this week section is updated but never thought to actually ask so here we are. I kinda just assumed it automatically updated the most read novels per week but after seeing MGA and ATG there for the 200th week in a row and some of the other 'classic'(arguably boring and predictable) novels not move and not some of the newer and engaging ones, idk. Maybe there's just a crazy amount of lurkers in those novels chapters who don't leave reviews(MGA for example w its 49%) but I dont get how some of the newer, really well received novels still arent there. 

This is a yapping masterclass and it really doesn't matter at all, I've j been curious about it for a while. 

Edit: holy shit cant believe I forgot TDG, thats what started my curiosity. That shit was up there for well over a year after the chapters stopped. 

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