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  1. I'm sure we're all affected differently by what we see/read/understand haha. So maybe we're more of visual learners while you might lean towards another aspect?
  2. He has decided which world is real and seems to come up with reasons to explain that to himself. But as his actions also cause some reaction in the other world, it's remaining rather ambigious for now. He's just a normal person in the modern world, so more powerful for sure in the ancient one! He doesn't go around making enemies by himself, but there are many people targeting him due to various reasons. The world is also not very friendly in general, and it seems to be more of an exception if people help others out of goodwill. The MC is actually quite logical and does plan ahead to keep him and his group alive and well. His mental state only affects him when he slips into those hallucinations, but otherwise he is pretty functional
  3. It's actually not as bad as expected for myself, until I see the images of the well-drawn fan-art to give a sense of illustration what the characters might look like. Other than that, I try not to think about what I read too much, or I might not be able to sleep well at night 😂
  4. Chacha is indeed very talented at that. I look forward to his memes every chapter as well.
  5. I came into this novel not knowing what to expect, and well, was surely left stunned at some points. The author sure comes up with some original content that I would have never thought of myself, and in some ways, is entertaining and gives me some new things to think about. This novel is definitely a fresh read, and atypical from the usual cultivation novels. The story is also quite gripping, and grapples with the duality of his mental state, which makes readers also question themselves throughout. The author also plants different supernatural stuff in, where some are based from traditional folklore. A word of caution would be what my team members have said about the WTF parts. Sometimes, I need to take a break while translating it as well haha Check out the discord, there are some fan-art images posted there as well of the characters, and some are.. rather interesting.
  6. Hi there! I'm from Singapore, and we're taught both English and Chinese from a young age. My family also converses in either language and dialects usually. Although after formal education, we're more focused on English as well. Translating is tough for me when I just started! Especially in those areas where religion and things with specific context come out. It gets easier over time with practice. Translating also requires some creativity to come up with the names to fit both the story and sound interesting. I haven't read much novels yet, and probably like some others, started on Coiling Dragon, which led me into this world. ---- I went to a beekeeper to get 12 bees. He counted and gave me 13. “Sir, you gave me an extra.” That’s a freebie.
  7. Hello! Thanks for reading the novel! Char here. We definitely each have our own styles of writing, but our awesome editor Darkhound keeps everything consistent before the chapters are published. I agree with what Chacha said about the names, and that can get confusing at times. Sometimes, the names may hold some meaning or inside joke that is better off translated, but the translated name also doesn't fare so well in English, and we have to think about whether it would do better translated or not (to pull off that one-off joke!).
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