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Bookmarks says I got unread but I only get Teasers

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Something seems to have gone wrong with the site. I have for example "I gave up on being stronger" at 30/31. That means I have an unlocked page to read but when I try to read it, it's a Teaser on a timer. This happened yesterday, so the timer is almost gone. 

To make matters worse, I went back to the 30th page, which I've already read, and it also shows as Teaser with a timer. 

Then I went to the main page and all but one of the books there showed being locked by a timer. This is also happening with a lot of other novel in my bookmarks. 

To clarify, I have no issues with the timers, my main issue comes from being notified of something available that is not, and having locked something that was unlocked two days ago.

It seems something has gone bad in the interactions between timers and bookmarks. 

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to update, "I gave up being stronger is now 30/32, and chapter 31 in on unlock. Once more I don't mind the wait , I just don't like the way 30/32 was so far the way to check the available chapters and not the released ones left to unlock. 

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I've seen that happen several times for me.  I think in all of my cases, the novel was adding new Champion levels, either because the novel was within a day or two of "going public", or in one case it was later but the translator had announced it. It always fixed itself within a day or two.  

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