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How to Live as Magic Academy Mage (마법학교 마법사로 살아가는 법)

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Raw: https://page.kakao.com/content/57668776

Read the unofficial translation and wrestling with MTL, and I like this story. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you might like it.

The MC is reincarnator who used to be a university student and died just after his graduation. Regretting his life choice he vows to never go near anything related to education institution, but you know what would happen here. This story is slow paced, I mean veeeeerrryyy slow but I assure you it's not boring nor dragging. Rather you will find it interesting, like the detail of students' activity, what they do at classes, the teachers' madness dedication, magical phenomenon at magic school, students' desperation to stay alive study.

This story is written by Writing Machine, the same author of 'The Constellation who Return from Hell'.

Currently there are 800+ chapters and it's updated daily. 

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Yes, this is one wholesome comedy novel that I love reading. You don't have to think much while reading it. Side characters are hilarious, teachers are one of a kind especially that crazy lich headmaster and mc really uses his brain to survive, no, to study in the academy. And I really like that there are so many chapters in the raws, WW should consider picking it. But I don't think many will like this kind of novel.

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