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Immortal (长生不死)


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So Immortal is a novel with quite a few unique aspects to it, which was very good in the few chapters that were translated. For one, the main character starts off as late middle aged to even elderly. He takes the opportunity to join a cultivation sect and desperately cultivates in order to reverse his aging to an extent. I think he got down to being 30-40 years old, at least before the translation ended. It's also unique in that it is a rare combination of both cultivation and kingdom building genres. From the very beginning, the main character has a technique that basically requires him to be a ruler to use. Part of the story was him preparing to found his own empire, gathering the things he needed. One last thing I'll mention, is that like I said the main character starts off pretty old. And he wasn't wasting his time before the story started, he had that technique and was making preparations to use it. He just lacked an actual cultivation technique. Link to the Novel Updates page if anyone is interested: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/immortal/

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