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Takeo 武夫 on Zongheng


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Zongheng link: Takefu (Pingsheng Unknown Cold) latest chapter full book online reading - Zongheng Chinese Network official genuine

Another top xianxia novel which is top leaderboard. This is also a good novel which I hope WW team will consider translating.

Translated synopsis using Google

Thousands of miles in the world, demons and evils are everywhere.
Human life is like grass mustard, and sentient beings are like pigs and dogs.
"It's time for the world to change. The
young man stood on the bank of Weishui and said with a smile: "There are demons in the world, and I have a knife." “

Also this novel is relatively new, with around 850 chapters and is not unofficially translated.

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Have you read any raw chapters of this novel? If yes, then I think it might be better if you can write a comment regarding why you like this novel and why WW should pick it up. From the synopsis, it does sound interesting but doesn't tell much about the actual story.

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I read a few chapters translated by google and those were brain stimulating exercise for sure! LOL

But it stared by MC saving a girl from the demons. MC is a person with powers/martial artist/ cultivator (I'm not sure which one). He is also a town guard and is an expert in matters dealing with demons.

Overall it is an interesting plot and that's why I recommended this novel. 

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