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Grasping Evil

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As WW has licensed from Qidian in the past I will recommend a novel that webnovel.com is no longer actively translating



I wouldn't say this novel is particularly distinct from novels like Against the Gods or Immortal Executioner, at most the main character is on a more unorthodox path.  However the novel does what it does well.  Interesting adventures and environments, a coll cultivation power system, and a reasonably intriguing backstory for the world.  The start is maybe a bit awkward, but it all ends up helping to build up the story.

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This novel is the best example I have ever seen of an author improving as he writes. Quite frankly, the first hundred or so chapters is pretty crap, lowest common denominator garbage, with immortal highest end treasures falling into the mc's lap. But not only did the story drastically improve, but the author actually went back and provided an in universe explanation for the mc's insane luck, which I really appreciated. I also really like the cultivation system, even though it's a power fantasy "I get the best of everything" cultivation system. Also also, this story is harem/misogyny maxxing.

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I enjoyed GE while it lasted. Would rather read it here than Webnovel for sure. That said, the old TLs got >1k chapters done before they dipped, so it could be a tough sell for Qidian, WW, or both.

EDIT: Nvm, they didn't even make it to chapter 600 lmao. Idk why I thought otherwise, please ignore.

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