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Wild West Murim 무림서부

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In a world where the Han Empire never fell, martial arts is a power used to squeeze people dry. So when a new continent is discovered, both good and evil men alike flee to settle there and escape the tyranny of the Emperor, opening up the era of a Martial Wild West.


In the turbulent frontier, Zhang Qian is a man that reincarnated from our cushy, modern world, but his new world is nothing like the fantastical world he dreamed about from reading martial arts novels. While the martial arts in his new world are powerful, they are also too crude and lack elegance. And so Qian journeys along the continent for his dream of bringing true martial arts back to the new realm.



-Award winning novel

-One of highest rated novels in korea

-Already have a manhwa adaption

-Its not got the fastest pace in the world right now but its such a refreshing take on the Murim tropes so popular today.

-Superb well-made solid plot

-Not lacking plot twists

-Characters not having one dimension personality

-It's a Murim novel! 


Status in COO
271 Chapters (Completed):
-Main story: 244 Chapters (Completed)
-Extra: 27 Chapters (Completed)


Associated Names

-Moorim West

-Martial Wild West



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