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SSS급 랭커 회귀하다 / Return of the SSS Class Ranker by Gald


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I'm currently following the webtoon/manhwa version of this webnovel and all I can say is that it's freaking epic! It's just another one of your virtual regression MMORPGs but it's actually pretty fast-paced and the power fantasy thematic about an unstoppable berserker player getting stronger and stronger throughout the story makes it very addictive. I know it's a very niche-kind-of read but at the same time it reminds me A LOT of Overgeared minus the over-a-thousand chaps. You laugh and cry with MC's shenanigans, you get in awe with all the in-game stuff and skill descriptions, there's no time for a dull moment since there's no lulls in the story. Anyway, please try it!


https://page.kakao.com/content/59990953 (Link for the webtoon version)

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  • hjarta changed the title to SSS급 랭커 회귀하다 / Return of the SSS Class Ranker by Gald

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