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Terrible Editing Quality

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The quality of the editing and proofreading, for every story on the website, has fallen off a cliff. Some stories are hit much worse than others: NSHBA is practically unreadable sometimes, RMJI2 is gaffe after gaffe after gaffe, and even otherwise well-kept stories like Overgeared often drop entire words from sentences. Generally speaking the last 2 years have been a sharp and steady drop in the level of work being done.

Please get your employees back on the ball and actually try to even remotely be worth what you're paid.

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First, thank you for supporting Wuxiaworld. The fact that we are able to pay our translators and editors and provide good-quality, human translation is all thanks to you VIPs and Champions. Second, we also appreciate feedback both in the comments and in the discord channel. We read your comments, fix the errors, and try to do better.

However, saying that the quality of every story has dropped dramatically is not just an exaggeration, but frankly a massive insult. To begin with, I don't believe there is one single person who has read every one of the 200+ stories on the website. More importantly, in the past two years, we have been implementing more and more quality control, hired more editors, improved our practices multiple times, and made sure that our overall quality is only going up. I have also personally edited a number of novels (please see The Undefeatable Swordsman, Soul Land 5, Tome of Troubled Times, or Thumbs Up, Level Up if you haven't already) and the comments I have seen to date do not agree with what you're saying in the slightest. In addition, I have been reading NSHBA since it started, and the quality has only improved since. I would be very interested in finding out which parts exactly are unreadable.

I firmly believe that we are, in fact, worth what we are paid and much more. Even so, we provide services to free readers as well, just like we always did. And as I said above, while we definitely appreciate concrete feedback and legitimate criticism, we do not appreciate insults, much less those addressed to the entire Wuxiaworld team. Please refrain from this kind of language in the future.

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