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Absurd Deduction Game/ 荒诞推演游戏

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novel summary - 
When the deducers were wandering on the edge of darkness for survival and the truth, Yu Xing had jumped in without looking back and was drowned in the darkness.

In this regard, the teammates basically have the same idea: “It’s not a big problem, he will come out in a while. Oh yes, I hope Darkness is okay.”

When the game is settled——

【The deduction game is over, the truth of the case has been restored to 100%, the MVP deduction is – Yu Xing【Reminder: If the degree of personality alienation exceeds 20%, it will have a negative impact on the player’s personality. Your personality alienation is too high, please suppress the madness】

Yu Xing put away the dagger, looked at his 50% alienation degree and smiled: “Don’t panic, I’m kind.”

Seems to be another interesting and exciting horror novel like House of Horrors, hopefully the summary helps.

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