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The Extra Is Too Strong (엑스트라가너무감함)

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Kakaopage link :



Synopsis :

I received the same question every day, but the answer never changed.

The only things I had left were sympathetic gazes and the monthly insurance payments.

And the cruel reality of being half-paralyzed.

They say that God only gives you trials you can endure, but I would rather have died.


That was when I woke up—


[This is the world of the “Magician Who Dominates the World.”] [From now on, you must live as the character “Mord Vernars.”]

I became an extra in the novel I was reading overnight.




Why I think it should be licensed :


Firstly, this novel comes from veteran author Kim Jae Han, renowned for classics like "Dragon Order of Flame," "Dragon Maken War," and "Shadow Beast." As expected of a first-generation fantasy novelist, his works span various genres, from successful Dragon Quest RPG-style storylines to dystopian, bleak settings, and even oriental fantasy, among others. As someone who updates himself to the changing times "The Extra is Too Strong," one of his latest works, follows the trend of developing a transmigration fantasy setting.


Sharing the positive traits of many of his successful works, "The Extra is Too Strong" like it's name suggests, features a strong transmigrated protagonist who is calm, collected, yet sometimes playful. It boasts solid world-building, well-written characters (no cardboard personalities here), and three-dimensional antagonists who actually undergo character development alongside the main character. The novel also showcases strong female characters with their own goals and motivations, avoiding the trope of pretentious Mary Sues who's only purpose seems to either be abusive or get face slapped to establish braindead maidens. Furthermore, it includes a clearly depicted love interest (no harem as of now) whose romantic development with the main character unfolds gradually yet clearly over time.


There are commendable action scenes, adventurous journeys, storylines slowly coming together that flesh out a memorable showcasing of genuine camaraderie and curiosity-inducing narrative.


Licensing and translating this novel would indeed provide readers with a breath of fresh air.





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