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"Zheng Tian" Chapter One: The Fallen Immortal Becomes Mortal

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Dayu State First Year.

Under the dazzling sun, the ancient temple on Lutai Mountain was startled into a frenzy of birds and beasts by the clamorous shouts of battle that spread throughout the woods.

"Chase them, don't let them escape."

"Little Tian, hurry up."


"Go quickly."

A figure in black, with urgency in his voice, pushed aside the young boy beside him and faced the approaching group of masked, bald pursuers alone.

Standing before everyone, his eyes sharp, he roared, "You are all from the Buddhist order, yet you discard benevolence and compassion to indulge in slaughter and bloodshed. Where is your mercy? Your kindness?"

From the crowd, a masked, bald middle-aged man stepped forward, hands together, and rebuked, "Boundless life of Buddha, he is a descendant of demons from the underworld. We act on behalf of heaven, eradicating all evil."

Hearing the other party's words, the man in black roared again, "Pah! You wear the robes of Buddha but engage in the wanton slaughter of all beings. If you wish to take him today, you must first get past me."

As his voice fell, the man in black assumed a fighting stance, his black robe billowing as he chanted spells and exclaimed, "The righteous path of the Heavenly Gang, unify the five elements, reverse yin and yang, shatter the universe."


Behind the man in black, a great realm of yin and yang and the five elements appeared, with energies of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth sweeping through winds, flames, thunder, and lightning, rotating and converging between his palms. He pressed his palms together and forcefully pushed outwards.

A powerful blast of energy from the rotation of the five elements shot out at lightning speed towards the group of masked, bald pursuers.


The bald middle-aged man was caught off guard; before he could even scream, he was struck by the powerful blast and instantly turned to ashes.

Seeing this, the other black-robed pursuers scattered to avoid the attack.

Among the crowd, a masked, bald man with a scar above his left eye revealed a fierce glint in his eyes and shouted loudly, "Form ranks, kill this person."

In an instant, the masked pursuers quickly dispersed in all directions, each chanting the same spell: "Chaos divides, heaven and earth cage, seal the universe, trap immortals and lock demons."

In the blink of an eye, the masked pursuers around them formed a hexagonal golden light array with their spells.

The array rose from the ground, surrounded by lightning, and in a moment, it trapped the man in black within.

Inside the array, thunder boomed and the earth shook and cracked, shooting out several black rune chains from the fissures, which bound the man in black tightly in mid-air with sealing power.

The man in black's pupils contracted, and he exclaimed in shock, "Heaven and Earth Immortal Trapping Demon Array!"


The young boy cried out loudly, running madly towards the great array.


A piercing scream came as he was repelled by the barrier formed by the array's runes.

"Little Tian, don't come over."

The man in the array hurriedly spoke.

At that moment, the bald pursuers joined hands and chanted together: "If you seek to save a demon, you have already become one. We shall confine you within the array and redeem you."

Suddenly, chanting sounds echoed around the array, and the bald pursuers began to recite the Great World Annihilation Spell.

Instantly, the array was filled with brilliant lightning, which transformed into golden swords that sped towards the man in black.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Several golden lightning swords flashed and stabbed into the man in black's chest and back.


The man in black's agonized screams were extremely harsh, and his dripping blood fell to the ground.

This scene falling into the eyes of the young boy, Little Tian, drove him to despair.

Just then, the terrified boy began to tremble uncontrollably.

Fragments of memories flowed through his mind—they were images from before his memory was sealed; he recalled his identity.

Asura Bodhisattva.

The memory fragments of his exchange of bodies with the Buddhist master's golden body were forcibly sealed and sent to the mortal realm, reflecting in his eyes continuously.

Suddenly, a dark red demonic aura began to emerge from his body.

In an instant, the dark red demonic aura surged out of him, reaching for the sky, releasing a terrifying pressure.

Little Tian's eyes were instantly covered by darkness, and then he closed his eyes and roared.


Centered around him, a black energy wave was released from his body.

With his roar, it spread in all directions.


In one strike, it shattered the Heaven and Earth Immortal Trapping Demon Array, and even the surrounding ancient trees were no exception, all being cut off at the base in an instant.

The bald pursuers had no time to react and were directly knocked away by the sudden energy wave, flying backward with their masks shattered and blood spurting from their mouths.

Surrounded by dark red flames, Little Tian slowly floated in the air.

At this moment, the man in black who was trapped in the array fell to the ground, bleeding from his mouth. He murmured weakly, "Memory... revived?"

The boy hanging in the air slowly opened his eyes.

A pair of eyes like those of a hawk, Asura demon eyes, looked down upon everyone with a cold intent to kill.

At this moment, the dark red flames around him burst into violent motion, transforming into a tall figure.

The verdict of death echoed between heaven and earth: "You claim to be Buddhists, yet you abandon mercy and compassion. Falsely claiming to enlighten while engaging in wanton killing and deception, today I shall cleanse the Buddhist order on its behalf."

As his words fell, Little Tian raised his hand in the air, and simultaneously, black flame hands gripped the necks of the masked pursuers.

Seeing their necks suddenly seized, everyone turned pale with fear.

Little Tian clenched his hand in the air.

In a cold voice he said, "Extinguish!"


Instantly, the masked pursuers let out a sharp and tragic howl.

In an instant, they were burned to ashes by the flame hands, scattering into the wind.



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