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Fantasy novel "Zheng Tian" novel promotion article

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At this moment, the sky was as if a large hole had been torn open. The boundless sorrow tilted, the gloomy heavens pressed down, tearing and devouring the fierce wind, rolling with the moist air, slapping against the surrounding forest.

It was also at this moment that Wang Zheng Tian looked up to the sky and let out a roar, releasing all the suppressed emotions in his heart.
Suddenly, the golden divine consciousness power and white divine consciousness power within him quietly merged with the black divine consciousness power at this moment.
At this time, still in his demonic state, Wang Zheng Tian's body suddenly displayed a tri-colored phenomenon that shot straight into the sky.
After the roar subsided, the blood tears that remained in his eyes turned black at this moment, and the sound that came from his mouth was not wailing or crying, but bursts of wild laughter.
Wang Zheng Tian, at this moment, seemed to have gone mad, laughing wildly with a wide grin.
Liu Qian Kong, who was watching from afar, immediately stopped laughing upon seeing Wang Zheng Tian in this state.
His facial expressions changed with the other's transformation, from confusion to seriousness, then from seriousness to surprise, and finally from surprise to terror.
"This... this, it's impossible. This, it can't be."
At this moment, as Wang Zheng Tian laughed wildly, the tri-colored phenomenon manifested around him, and his cultivation aura surged straight up.
From the middle stage of the Dan Formation Realm to the later stage, then to the Core Formation Realm.
Then from the Core Formation Realm to the Sect Formation Realm, and from the Sect Formation Realm to the late stage of the Spirit Origin Realm before finally stopping.
Looking at Wang Zheng Tian's eyes, which were now those of a demonic fiend, they turned from yellow-black to red-black.
He summoned the Domineering Blade Fury Slash, which was no longer monochrome but a tri-colored Fury Slash.
Seeing Wang Zheng Tian look towards Liu Qian Kong, his eyes suddenly turned cold, and in the next second, he appeared in front of the latter.
His face was ferocious and filled with extreme madness, the tri-colored Fury Slash in his hand swung rapidly, as if sculpting a perfect sculpture.
Its speed was so fast that it was impossible to see how many slashes he had made. And Liu Qian Kong, who was stupefied, was cleaved by his opponent without even a fraction of the strength to fight back.
Puff! Puff! Puff!
The blade light, like shooting stars, crazily stabbed into his body, and Liu Qian Kong's body was splattered with blood flowers everywhere, being cleaved by Wang Zheng Tian until he was unrecognizable.
This was not the end; Wang Zheng Tian glared with his demonic eyes and snorted.
Dozens of tri-colored magical array halos immediately appeared around Liu Qian Kong's body, and in the next instant, all the magical array halos exploded together.
Liu Qian Kong's body was instantly torn open, every inch of his skin and flesh suffering as if cut by thousands of blades.
But this was still not the end; Wang Zheng Tian put away the tri-colored Fury Slash and summoned the Eagle Claw Reverse Scale Blade, moving back and forth in front of and behind Liu Qian Kong at the speed of light.
Puff! Puff! Puff!...
At this time, Liu Qian Kong's body was no longer covered with cuts but with severed wounds, and blood sprayed all around.
After Wang Zheng Tian finished his move, Liu Qian Kong still stood there, staring with wide eyes without moving.
But Wang Zheng Tian did not stop attacking after finishing his move; a tri-colored Longevity Mountain Seal suddenly manifested above his head.
The next moment, the Longevity Mountain Seal flew out at the command, falling from mid-air and smashing straight towards Liu Qian Kong, who stood motionless.
In just an instant, Liu Qian Kong was smashed into a blood mist by this Longevity Mountain Seal.
With that, he couldn't even let out a scream before being smashed by the Longevity Mountain Seal into oblivion, leaving behind not even a bone fragment.
And the triangular bronze coffin, after dodging the Longevity Mountain Seal, suddenly appeared in Wang Zheng Tian's hand.
Under the purification of his tri-colored power, the demonic aura on the triangular bronze coffin quickly dissipated.
The next second, the triangular bronze coffin transformed into a triangular bronze cauldron.
This triangular bronze cauldron was named the Triangular Mixed Element Cauldron, with ancient Mixed Element energy flowing along its body, hanging down towards Wang Zheng Tian's hand.
He stored the Triangular Mixed Element Cauldron within his divine sea, and now, his divine sea contained three precious cauldrons.
The Wan Sheng Dragon Cauldron, the Heavenly Yuan Wan Dan Treasure Cauldron, and this Triangular Mixed Element Cauldron, each with its own advantages.
The Wan Sheng Dragon Cauldron that contains all things, the Heavenly Yuan Wan Dan Treasure Cauldron that can refine thousands of types of elixirs, and this Triangular Mixed Element Cauldron that enhances combat power.
After the Triangular Mixed Element Cauldron entered the divine sea, it emitted dazzling golden light within.
As if retrieving memories of the past, it freely poured out the joy within its heart.
At this moment, Wang Zheng Tian looked up at the drizzling sky, and his eerie smile gradually faded under the baptism of the rain, his eyes slowly returning to their original state.
The demonic energy on his body gradually faded, and his cultivation level slowly dropped back to the middle stage of the Dan Formation Realm.
Suddenly, he saw darkness in front of him, and Wang Zheng Tian, losing consciousness, fell backwards towards the sky.


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