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I have already purchased all the individual chapters of INVINCIBLE yet now its asking me to wait for free chapter or buy it

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I have bought and become the champion of this novel for a long time. I have it downloaded on the application but now its asking me to wait for free episode or buy.


please sort this out 

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Could you please tell us how you unlocked the chapters- by purchasing Karma, Champion, VIP, or e-book? Also, which previously unlocked chapters can't you access?



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Hello again,

Champion subscription gives access to ongoing novel’s published chapters as long as the subscription is active, while only the unlocked advanced chapters are owned by the subscriber. Once the novel is fully translated, the published chapters will no longer be available and its chapters will require WTU or Karma to be unlocked. 
The only permanent access to chapters would be if the ebook was redeemed or purchased or if it was unlocked using karma.
Please refer to the champion FAQ page for more information.



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