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[ios] please add ability to undo thumb up or thumb down

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If I tap the "thumb up" or "thumb down" icon, the UI registers the thumb up/down. However, there does not seem to be a way to undo this action. It would be nice if I can tap the thumbs up/down icon again to undo the action.

On my tablet, the comment expansion icon ("View Replies \/") is close to the thumb down icon, and I unintentionally thumb down comments all the time. It would be nice if I can tap the "thumbs down" icon again to undo this action. For now, I can tap the thumbs up icon to remove the thumbs down. This feels "nicer", but not really what I want to do, either. Ideally, the replies expando thing would also be further from the thumbs down icon to prevent this from happening.

app version is on ipad mini 17.3.1. I just updated the app today to check the behavior, but this has been happening for a while.

I also see the same behavior on the website, but it is easier click the correct icon, so it's not so bad.

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