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uBlock Origin in Firefox can log you out of wuxiaworld and make it impossible to log back in

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If you have the uBlock Origin extension enabled in Firefox, even if it is turned off for Wuxiaworld, it can cause you to be functionally logged out of the website.  If you access via bookmarks, or using the next/prev buttons it seems to be fine, but if you reload the page while reading a chapter(including restarting the browser) it can break.  For some reason this does not appear to happen in Edge or Chrome for me, though if it did, I suspect the same solution would work.

The solution is to open the dashboard settings area in the extension, go to the "Trusted Sites" tab and add "wuxiaworld.com" to the list, note NO "www." at the beginning.

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Hello again Venoltar,

Could you please provide us with the following information, so we can look into it?
1. Have you logged out permanently after refreshing the page/closing the browser?
2. Browser version
3. Device used
4. Novel and chapter issue was encountered
5. Screen record of the issue 



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