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Hello there!


I'd like to ask if it is possible to add an option in settings to turn of the new comment feature.


I just started reading a fairly new novel here on wuxiaworld and noticed a new comment feature (to me it is new as i mostly read the same old novels over and over again).

This feature shows a little comment button at the end of every text segment. 


Well it kind of irks me seeing this Button everytime so i especially wrote this request.

You may call me antiquated but hey i still want to try to change it back to how it looked before.


(Im a loyal wuxiaworld fan since back in 2014/2015 although this is my first forum post) 

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Hello Dalord,

There is already a commenting feature set in. If you are using the computer, it will be the Blue P and in the app it’s this toggle in the text settings. (ref screenshot)



Happy reading!

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