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King of witches and Lord of fungi(魔女森友会)Translation trial reading

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I am an author from China——my name is "The World of Philosophy".
which is a super long online novel that I am serializing and is currently being translated into English with the help of computer tools.The Chinese language has more than 1.5 million words
Because The theme of the novel is a fantasy story of "sword and magic", I have always wanted to know the opinion of foreign readers, and the world view is similar to that of "The Elden Ring", and there are also references to other JRPGS.
As a sorcerer, the heroine leads her team on an epic adventure to become the true witch king.
The following is the first chapter, will be published from time to time, hope to have native English good person, feedback reading experience, very much looking forward to having foreign publishing channels.


King of witches and Lord of fungi

Chapter One· Witch Seed

  In the early hours of the morning, a grey mist hangs over the dead stone town.

  If the dome is a huge box court, the vast mist fills the inside of the box court, and with it the small landscape of the town - swallowed up in the dull invisible undercurrent.

  On the outskirts of town, near the mills and farmhouses, there are scattered bonfires burning stubbornly.

  The fan blades of the huge windmill gradually stalled in the mist, like an old giant, occasionally giving out unbearable sick groans.

  A long caravan of wagons, which had stopped outside the mill, had just finished trading with the town's storehouse, and the labourers were moving about like hundreds of ants, and supplies were nearly complete.

From the largest carriage in the center of the convoy, covered by a strong tarp, eerie sobs were heard faintly, floating in the mist like the communication between transparent wandering souls.

An old man, as cold and calm as a Wolf King, stood by the caravan with his sword, watching the servants with their short swords at their waists, bringing food and water into the caravan.

He wore a heavy black cloak, the contours of which were supported by his majestic muscles.

The brim of the big hat covering his hair could not stop the sharp eyes of the old man like a hawk, surveying the wolves he led.

But even the Wolf king who gallops the wilderness can't see what kind of sinister chaos lurks outside the fog, so that there are hidden worries under the cold eyes.

The old man shook his cloak as he walked away from the caravan, its dusty and dew-soaked cloak flapping to reveal a Leather armor, scratched leather, with a fine chain mail that protected his muscular torso.

The old man, with a straight sword in his hand, strode around at both ends of the caravan, and the scabbard sewn with gray animal skin was stained with blood, telling of the danger of his master.

As the leader of this armed caravan, the old man arranged his subordinates to rest in batches after supervising the loading of all goods.

He sat back by the fire, took off his swordsman's gloves, took the rye bread and broth offered by the cook, and had barely opened his wine pouch, and had not had time to warm himself with a good taste of ale, when he was distracted by an important report from his deputy.

"Boss Gambino, the search party found a 'seed' in a small fishing village not far from town."

The old man put down his water bag and subconsciously pressed against something hanging on his chest.

"Are you sure?"

"I need your approval."

The deputy suggested cautiously.

"We're just one short of enough, and if we buy her, we can get back to 'the big tree court' before the next fog tide."

The old man stroked his gray, messy goatee and thought for a moment.

"You stay here and watch the convoy. I'll check it out."


Soon after, the old man, named “Gambino”, was sitting in an old wooden house. Through the grey mist seeping through the doors and Windows came the thrilling sound of the rising and falling tide.

This wooden house on the sea, built with a base of stone, has been eroded by the sea breeze for a long time, and each wood gives off a damp and musty smell, as if it would collapse in a storm.

What's more disgusting is that the room is filled with a sticky, rotten smell of fish, which gets into the nostrils and lingers, just like a smelly duck house.

Originally lived here a large family, at this moment were caravan guards out of the wooden house, leaving only the male owner and the old dialogue.

Far outside the wooden house was a large group of villagers, led by the elders of the fishing village, curious about what was going on inside.

On their sad faces, which appeared simple and ignorant, hung a look of wariness and servility in the face of outsiders.

Gambino does not like to be looked at with rude eyes, and to him, these untouchables are sometimes as annoying as barnacles on the hull of a ship - but his hardened mind keeps him focused on the important business in front of him.

The homeowner with a dull expression, a fisherman who has endured most of his life in the wind and waves, lowered his head at a loss, afraid of offending the big shot holding a sharp blade in front of him.

Sandwiched between two adults is a little girl who curls up next to a wooden basin filled with freshly pickled salted fish, like a commodity waiting to be sold.

"Her father is of Oriental descent from far overseas, which is why she has black hair and eyes."

The fisherman gently kicked the little girl with his toe to signal her to come closer.

The little girl, in her patched, ragged linen dress, smeared with salt-fish stains, was as skinny as a malnourished hamster -- except for her dirty, dishevelled black hair, which had the ominous color of a deep-sea plant.

Gambino nodded.Oriental fleets had been trading on the Mirage Peninsula for centuries, but since the fog had begun to engulf the seas and the entire continent of Vinland, the fragile line of trade that depended on human life had been broken.

Unable to return to their native country, the Orientals had to migrate to various parts of the peninsula, and a few people married and had children, and reluctantly integrated into the local society.

"Keep your head up." Gambino taps on the table and quietly gives orders.

The girl obediently faced him, like a baby bird in the palm of someone's hand, trying to suppress panic.

Look at her face is not more than five or six years old, although the face is dirty, but the features are still decent and elegant, the eyes seem to hide two attractive quality of black pearls, the right eye under the growth of an equally attractive mole.

But her kneeling action is quite awkward, let a person see the deformity of the right leg inconvenience at a glance.

"What happened to her feet?"

The fisherman answered stiffly.

"My sister's family used to live in the town, making a living as traders. But during a city-state conflict, my brother-in-law's caravan was looted by the raiders, and the bandits killed almost everyone."

"When the town guards arrived, they found an overturned carriage at the bottom of the mountain road."

"This child was held in my sister's arms and did not fall to death.  Although she was limping, she still survived when she was only two years old."

The fisherman's voice became a little faster.

"This girl works hard, is also very clever, and has suffered. Forgive my rudeness, Sir, and be kind to her if you wish to take her away."

Gambino squinted his eyes as he scrutinized the lame girl from beginning to end, ignoring the fisherman's offense - the pendant hanging around his neck, hidden in his underwear and placed close to his chest, was heating up from sensing the nearby "seed", causing a burning sensation of Phantom Pain on his skin.

"She'll get what she deserves." Gambino waved his hand, "Old rule, pay.

A small bag of coins was thrown into the fisherman's arms by the old man's men.

"Take it, she won't have anything to do with your family anymore,"

 Gambino said with a smile, like an old wolf staring at its prey.

"You should understand what I mean."

The fisherman unwrapped the bag with a shudder and counted seven large silver coins of fine appearance

He had never saved so much money in his life, and there was one less mouth to eat at home, and with the soldiers surrounding his house, everything could not be questioned.

"Yes, Sir."

The fisherman wiped his hands, tied the small money bag into his arms, and bowed his head deeply.

'You go out first. I want to talk to her.'

The man who accepted the money bag did not look at his niece again and left as if he were running away, and the old man's guard also turned to follow the man and closed the wooden door.

There were only the old man and the little girl in the fishing house, and the disturbing sound of the tide came and went.

Gambino's commanding sight makes the girl feel worse than the knife hanging over her head.

But she seemed to accept the fact that she had been sold, and timidly forced an ingratiating smile at the old man.

Gambino nodded, the character was passable, the body was thin, but there were no scars and bruises, although the family lived very hard, but did not deliberately torture her.

"Hey, smelly girl."  The old man left the chair, half squatted in front of the girl, wrinkled his eyebrows to endure the fishy smell, touched the girl's hair, "What's your name?"

The girl's teeth and roots were trembling, and the old man's crouched body was still as strong as a fierce beast to her.  The thick palm, like grasping an apple, firmly grasped her small head, and could not bring any sense of intimacy.

“Ann…… Ann·Kasyapa, my father named me."

"Good, Ann·Kasyapa, you've got Fates on your side."

The old man reached up to lift the hood, and in a slight rubbing sound, the face covered by half of the Dark Iron mask was exposed.

From the edge of the mask and under the roots of the thin golden hair spread fine crystals of frost-blue, like rough stone scales, gnawing away at the aged skin and adding an inhuman firmness and ferocity to the haggard features carved by the wind and frost.

The horror of the face came so close that it made the girl's eyes pop, but she covered her mouth and forced the sound back into her throat.

"In 'The sunken sea of trees' on the southwest side, in' the big tree court, 'which is revered by all Peninsular, the witches of' Stargazing college 'are recruiting servants, and I am in charge of bringing' seeds' like you back."

The old man took out a pendant from behind the breastplate with an expression of great treasure, and dangled a dark crystal inlaid in a golden claw in front of the girl's eyes slightly.

Deep and cold as another piece of starry sky in the crystal stone, overflowing with golden light vortex.

The girl's dark eyes also resonate with the golden light, just like the volcano buried at the bottom of the cold deep sea, which is ignited by stars from outside the sky.

The old man looked at the little girl who was fascinated by the golden light, sighed uncontrollably, put the pendant back in his arms, and stood up again.

A small piece of bread and a water bag were dropped at the girl's feet.

The smell of the food quickly brought the girl's lost consciousness back to the reality of being hungry.

"Remember, from now on, you are the property of the Great Witch Mrs. Stella."

The old man's stony eyes looked down at the handful of little ones holding onto the food.

He has sent too many seeds into the hands of the mysterious witches.  This poor, lame little creature will be plunged into the fog of the unknown.

But only the girl on the floor, gobbling up food, understands -

Inside this crippled and emaciated little body, is the mature soul of a scientific civilization from another world trembling, she had been prepared to endure all the hardships of women in this life, until today, finally grasped the only a life-saving straw.

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Chapter One· Witch's Classroom

Demonology is a deep and interesting Labor Management.——《Ann·Kasyapa's Schmooze Notes


"Dear mentor Baldur, the materials you ordered have arrived."

In the wide corridor of the schoolhouse, the thick branches spread out of the French Windows, looming in the milky mist, blocking the already dim light of the sky - only the cold light of a few magical wall lamps illuminated the many witches' portraits hanging high on the walls, adding a charming makeup to the historic faces in the oil paintings.

A small grey-robed witch with black-rimmed glasses, leaning on a staff of fragrant wand covered with inconspicuous mushrooms, pauses in front of a closed classroom gate shaped like the head of a giant, sharp-horned demon.

"Ann Kasyapa, come on in."

The gentle and delicate female voice came from the mouth of the demon, and the Gothic style of the demon door opened strangely.

Ann limped into the open magic door, leaning on her wand.

The pointed grey cap on her head was so large that it almost covered the top half of the girl's face, making it almost impossible to see her eyes hidden under her glasses. The brooch on the girl's plain grey robe was an exquisitely carved three-leaf bud badge, representing her status as a third-order witch apprentice.

The little witch gently shook a magnificent magic bronze bell with her left hand, and with the magical waves resonating with the bell, she guided the servants following her - a group of alchemy dolls dressed in traditional maid costumes - into the classroom, pushing several multi-layer carts steadily.

Ann used the wand to prop up her disabled body and bow to the dark shadow on the central podium, causing her witch's hat to fall askew.

The grand classroom, with its three-sided staircase seating, is more than enough for 200 students.

Mentor Baldur, the demonologist who ranks second only to Mrs. Stella and the Dean of students in the Academy,she is patrolling her domain。

The pitch-black robes that symbolized the status of the "eclipse witch" firmly wrapped her curvy figure, and the chest was sewn in magic gold with ornate eclipse runes - and beneath the towering Doctor's hat, her features were covered by a thin layer of black gauze, embroidered with silver mystical star patterns, which seemed to be tempting to search for forbidden truths.

There are now seven mentors in the palace with their own classrooms, each with an astrological rune given to them by Mrs. Stella, symbolizing a constellation that has graced Vinland mainland for eons of years - Ann has had a long time to figure out the magical meaning of those astrological markings.

With the advent of the Misty age and the dimming of the stars, astrology, on the contrary, has become increasingly prevalent, which is indeed a social phenomenon of great research value in Ann's view.

Like Ms. Baldur was given the constellation, that is, the most bright "skyship constellation" on the second cantilever of the "Northern Wind Galaxy", often guides travelers in the winter fog to go far, and Ms. Baldur's personality is also like the protagonist of the constellation story "Baron Captain" - although she teaches the knowledge of evil in the eyes of ordinary people, But the personality is open-minded, attitude towards everything is rigorous slightly paranoid,  there is no lack of pioneering and inclusive.

"Very well, you and your magic minions will help me set up the soul furnace, and the class will begin in an hour."

After reviewing the alchemist materials, Ms. Baldur returned to mentor's office in the inner part of the classroom, leaving Ann to direct the alchemist dolls as they prepared for the lesson.

A magic hourglass was placed on the lecture platform. As the sand flowed down, students successively entered the classroom in advance to sign in.

Many people's attention fell on Ann who was arranging the venue, and the sound of whispering from time to time got into Ann's ears.

"See, there's that cripple from the alchemist class again."

"I hear she can't even summon the imp."

"Magic so bad that demons reject she, and twelve years in ‘The big tree court’ without graduating is a real talent."

"A lame groundhog should be growing mushrooms in her burrow."

"I heard that our Greer witch had been sent to the North, and Lady Baldur was short of an assistant, so  called her here.   How long shall we have to put up with it?   I don't want to see this gloomy mushroom woman, who smells so bad of potions."

The buzz among the crowd is spreading.

Ann glanced secretly, and the gossips were all girls who were lower than her in the school year, from their elegant and arrogant appearance, they should be from noble families - although in the big tree court blood can not determine the status of high and low, but they seemed to be on the road to the witches well.

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I read the entire thing and it seems interesting for the most part, but the font is way too big and the font changes for some reason.

Edited by Goodashi
I noticed a typo and needed to correct it due to my inner OCD
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Ann has always been an Edge character in college - her dark hair and dark eyes are rare, but not a reason to be excluded.

In addition to being a rare cripple in college, Ann performed poorly in some witchcraft practice classes and was despised by some arrogant overachiever who felt that such a humble commoner could stay in "the big tree court" as a "formal apprentice."  

  this thing  cheapens the value of "Stargazing college" and  dishonor other promising intern witches.

It is important to know that worthless "student servants" are usually expelled quickly. Why should Ann be able to study for 12 years and officially be promoted to the rank of "intern witch"?

These problems, only the "student servants" who were enrolled in the same year as Ann knew, they had either graduated or been dropped out, and naturally no one would tell this group of younger generations.

After confirming the progress of the Alchemist doll, Ann calmly came down from the lecture platform, mature mind and thick skin - let her ignore the little girls' hypocritical ridicule without psychological burden.

She just doesn't fit in. There's no need for public antagonism with other people. Solitude has its advantages。

After going to mentor's office and inviting Baldur mentor out, Ann continued to stay in the empty back corner of the classroom and watch the lecture.

Although Ann belongs to the Alchemy classroom, she spends more time in other classrooms because there is no mentor in the department.

Even if the students arrive, the large classroom still appears empty, sitting in groups of more than 40 people, after all, the "seeds" that are qualified to choose exclusive classrooms are precious, and the demonology is the largest in the exclusive classroom on the second floor.

As the class began, the arrogant little girls stopped paying attention to Ann.

As the class began, the arrogant little girls stopped paying attention to Ann.

"Demons also have social relations, and the values that form their social organization, although very different from the ethical system of man, are based on a set of tractable rules because of the decisive influence of the source of hell."

"Under the just constraint of the power of the source of hell, only by mastering the demonic language and the common sense of hell society can we understand the rules and goals followed by different demons, draw up a favorable contract for us, and seize the initiative in negotiations with the devil."

"The witches who were seduced by demons in the past became slaves to the power of demons just because they did not understand the importance of the contract in hell, while the real witches symbolized by Mrs. Stella are the strong ones who use demons as tools to create a new era of witchcraft."

Baldur mentor controls the magic quillings that fly in the air, writing down rows of luminous runes with beautiful handwriting, and Ann follows  to write and draw in the notebook, reorganizing the language to explain her understanding .

She's already familiar with Baldur mentor's knowledge, and what's really interesting today is the next class experiment.

"The content of the hell contract is a tool you must learn to make good use of. Six months later, it is the graduation examination of the third grade. Please ask the children who are scheduled to graduate to complete the contract according to their own circumstances and summon the first subordinate demon."

Baldur mentor knocked a small magic mallet on the podium. The magic carpet with rich runes, which was originally laid on the floor of the lecture platform, burst into a strange light, and the magic elements flowed down the "Mage Hand" to gather and form, slowly holding up a crystal furnace formed by countless strange and fuzzy faces.

"It's practice time. I have prepared a universal letter of intent for summoning, and all you need to do is follow the exact learning process and attempt to build a temporary bridge between Hell and the Spirit realm."

Sensing the tension that was beginning to spread beneath the podium, Baldur mentor clapped his hands and encouraged the students.

"Don't be afraid, girls, the summoned creatures of hell will be exiled into the cracks of time and space, just specimens for us to observe."

Ann turns her attention to the summoning circle next to mentor— which she is responsible for setting up.

The main body of the Summoning Circle is made up of three parts.

The passage runes of Transitive Planes painted on the magic carpet; The banishment mark used to ward off demons in the Spirit realm; And at the heart of the Summoning Circle is, of course, that horrible crystal stove.

That is the famous "Yuria's Soul Furnace" in black witchcraft, originally created by the evil archwitch "one-eyed Yuria" to refine offerings to the devil, and to create a direct link with the hell of the soul vessel - by the way, the soul furnace used by the Academy is a modified version of Mrs. Stella.

That is the famous "Yuria's soul Furnace" in black magic, originally created by the evil great witch "one-eyed Yuria" soul power container, used to refine offerings to the devil, can directly establish a link with the hell - by the way, Stargazing college of the soul furnace is a modified version of Mrs. Stella.

For low-order demons who are not picky eaters, they can directly sacrifice pieces of poor quality souls.

It happened that the college cafeteria has been buying female goats recently -- autumn lamb chops, which taste very tender and delicious, so Ann not only enjoyed the delicious food, but also asked the chef aunt to collect the soul of the goats for her.  It can be said that the goats, both body and soul, have made contributions to the growth of the future witches.

The key to activate the Summoning Circle, of course, is the witch herself.

"Miss Marshall, please give the girls a demonstration."

The eyes of Baldur mentor, hidden behind the black veil, habitually fell on some bright figure in the front row.

"Look, senior is going to perform."

oh!It's Vana!

The sound of excited discussion sounded in each seat, compared with Ann such a "stain" that was despised by students, Stargazing college of course also has God's favored one that is widely expected.

The girl named by the teacher stood up without hesitation, her long, wavy gold hair flowing from under the witch's hat, and her green eyes, like elaborately carved lake gems, sparkled on a face as soft and flawless as white jade.

She holds a sandalwood wand decorated with bird-shaped crystals, a heavy ancient book of witchcraft in her hand, and the simple uniform of a college intern witch, which does not cover up the girl's natural style, but highlights the intellectual charm distributed from the inside out.

The girl lightly set foot on the lecture platform, the soul furnace exudes a strange and terrifying atmosphere, hanging high above her head, but she faces the audience figure is very calm and upright.


Even a loner like Ann is interested in famous students.

Born in the great kingdom of Olgga famous lady, although noble blood, but not a bit of overbearing vices, generous and rich affinity, can be called the noble virtues gathered in a gem.

Her strong exploration of knowledge, intelligent mind and excellent affinity for witchcraft are praised by mentors and she is recognized as a gifted student with both virtue and ability in Stargazing college.

Among a large group of young girls who grew up in the greenhouse, she was the one who was admired by the apprentices and recognized as Chief Student in the demonology classroom.

Ann was already wondering what kind of filters the apprentices were wearing when they looked at Vana.

A girl comic with  rose and star background is not too exaggerated.

Ann, who was shrinking in the last row, held her glasses and secretly observed the blonde girl wrapped in a gray robe, almost as good as Baldur mentor busty Size - then looks down at her unremarkable "airport" and whispers: "That's a foul size."

The little witch with a gloomy expression unconsciously licked her mouth.

The soul of such a dirty witch as Vana must be a bargaining chip that the devil covets.

What demons will she summon?


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4 hours ago, Goodashi said:

I read the entire thing and it seems interesting for the most part, but the font is way too big and the font changes for some reason.

Thank you for your reading, I am sorry, my tool translation is still very immature, my English is also very poor. The font has been adjusted, I will translate it slowly, I hope you will also enjoy reading the following story.

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In the introduction to demonology, the soul of the witch is also the focus of the study, essentially the same as that of the she-goat, only more advanced and rarest sacrifice, to be exchanged for the power of the powerful demon at a necessary moment - except that Stella, the legendary witch, is wise enough to make the demon compromise on the contract, only now has the Mirage Peninsula rootedness witch force.

It's not Vana's first experience with the Soul furnace array, and she's clearly very skilled, with a very orderly process, and even the rhythm of the wand, as if she were smooth playing a violin.

Annsuch a solid theorist, can't find anything wrong with her.

The female goat's spirit, injected into the soul furnace, soon attracts prey.

A crystalline cube crystal appears in front of Vana - this is a Mirage refracted by high purity magic elements, allowing one to observe the area where the Banishment array connects.

A strange bird with a disgusting black mist creeping on its surface was projected in the crystal.

It was a demon with a huge raven's head, a body like a massive ape with dark feathers, and two tiny vestigial wings fluttering violently on its shoulders. Under the devil's long, muscular legs, a pair of sharp claws were clawing at chunks of bloody flesh, and his beak was full of razor-sharp serrations, stained with blood, and bits of meat fell from between his teeth, evidently after a feast.

The demon looked up and around, confused and uneasy at being caught in the gap of time and space,  frantically released the curse and poison mist inside him, but in vain.

Clearly a vicious freak monster, now it is like a chicken in a cage, being observed wantonly by witches.

"The 'Scratchy'? Baldur mentor praised, "Vana did a good job summoning such a powerful demon with a meagre sacrifice."

Vana also saluted and thanked mentor for the compliment.

"Scratchy is notorious as the famousScavenger 'of Hell, and although they are social creatures, their individual fighting power is also good among demons. It is difficult to be damaged by ordinary weapons, and is highly resistant to black magic and poisons. Its weakness, if I may point out, is that it is too violent and bloodthirsty, lack of combat intelligence, and its fire resistance is not low, but its instinct is afraid of pure magic flame, a lone Scratchy, as a qualified witch must be able to deal with flexibly."

Ann knows something about the scavger, but this is the first time she's seen him in real life -

“Scratchy” is almost two stories tall, a big creature that can snack on elephants, and although the image they observe through the space-time fold is only the size of an ostrich, its ugly appearance can still strain the human heart. Got a bunch of little girls in the classroom gasping.

After Baldur mentor asked Vana to return to her seat, she called on the students to continue the experiment.

"A monster capable of destroying a townonly is a toy in the hands of witches."

Ann cannot help but marvel at the power of Mrs. Stella, the owner of "the big tree court," who had the nickname "Scholar of the starry sky," and her school.

The witch hunting movement on the earth in the past life, if those poor women really had such witchcraft - the guys who were burned on the woodpile would be the nobles and blind fools who persecuted them.

Ann is particularly curious about the "origin level" demon who is rumored to have signed a contract with Mrs. Stella.

In fact, everyone cares about this question - after all, outside the high walls of the big tree court, the entire Phantom Peninsula lies in the shadow of the Great Witch, whose fame has spread through the nations, at least 70 percent of which is due to the unknown fear of the "origin demon."

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After the Vana demonstration, each time the remaining students summon a demon, the Baldur mentor dutifully reviews the students, explains profound theories in simple language, and sends the demon back to hell.

Apart from Ann just watching the play, even the apprentices who participated in the practical exercise for the first time successfully completed the experiment of summoning demons.

As the apprentices scoff, Ann has not been successful in any of her previous demon-summoning experiments, but the reasons are more complicated.

If the usual little witch could not get on the demonology path, she would concentrate on other promising subjects, and the Stella school of astrology and natural witchcraft were also well known - but the reason why Ann did not give up studying the demonology, Value is the vast ecology of the hell PLANES and the real existence of the demon society behind the hidden treasure house of secret knowledge, which will be useful for her future road.

in contrast to Vana's dazzling performance, only a handful of apprentices summon powerful creatures like Felhound and skulvyn, while others attract the usual low-order little demons, but a host of demons dancing in riotous revelry, Still let Ann watch with relish, thinking if this big gang of demons put together, cockfighting will be how wonderful.

"Which demon to summon requires careful consideration, how to sign a contract, not to be eaten by the devil, but also based on their own strength and suitability - remember that the witch's self-knowledge is the source of our power."

Under the full protection of the Furnace of Souls, the dangerous game of the little witches was over, and the demonology mentor announced the end of the class after a short summary.

"Today's class ends here. I have applied for a batch of magic potions that can help everyone prepare for the final exam. Please go to Miss Ann to collect them."

Amidst the sincere gratitude of the apprentices, the mysterious silhouette shrouded in Baldur mentor's black robe, like bubbles evaporating in the sunlight, drifted and disappeared from the podium.

Ann slowly left the back row, guiding the "maid doll" to pull the cart containing the potion to the podium, and then sat down at a nearby desk to greet the apprentices to collect the potion.

A group of little girls immediately formed a queue -- almost all apprentices of modest origin, for whom the potion dispensed was a nice perk.

After Ann finished dealing with the chattering little girls, she saw that there was almost no one in the classroom. Just as she was about to command the alchemists doll to dismantle the Summoning Circle, the last unexpected character approached her.

Ann squinted her eyes to examine, this was a rare guest.

"Miss Ann." Vana Marshall, who was also a third degree student and enrolled seven years later than Ann, smiled respectfully and handed a note in front of Ann's impolite gaze.

"Please take a look."

Ann took the note and glanced at it doubtfully.  It was a list of drugs with accurate and detailed records.  The graceful ornamental penmanship, written by the beautiful girl in front of Ann.

"I'm sorry, Miss Marshall, but the potions issued by the school are only Essential goods. The premium goods you want are very rare. Perhaps it would be more efficient to purchase them from BOSS Gambino's caravan."

"The products on the market -" Vana shook her head solemnly, "can't compare to Miss Ann's unique product."

Ann was in a daze for a moment, then she put down the list and straightened her waist while supporting the mushroom wand, answering.

"It's a pleasure, Miss Marshall, to have such you an honored guest care of my business, but unfortunately the stock has recently been sold out by a certain customer."

Ann pretended to be in a difficult situation and said, "I don't have any inventory at the moment."

"I know who it is," Vana suddenly approached, her beautiful and breathtaking face less than a finger away from Ann.

Ann, who had been pretending to be serious, had a rapid heartbeat, and she could see the curvature of each Vana's fine eyelashes.

As if to indicate the owner's displeasure, Vana's green, clear eyes were suddenly clouded. "I don't want to fall behind."

"If Miss Marshall really wants it, it's not too late to place her order." Being looked at by the beautiful girl, Ann is also a little unable to perfunctory, "I do medicine efficiency is also OK."

"No." Vana responded decisively, "I have a better offer."

She regained her warm, bright smile.

"The go on a pilgrimage to truth is about to begin. I have assembled a small team and will reserve a place for you if Miss Ann wishes."

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Chapter ThreeThe Big Tree Court illuminated By Emerald Green LightAnd Mushroom House


Ann strolled along the green path near the cliff, winding and quiet.

Behind the lonely little witch, the endpoint connected by a long path is the towering Stargazing college at the top of the mountains. At the bottom of the palace, it is coiled by a giant green vine resembling a nine headed snake, like a castle painting slowly unfolding in the mist, with strange and magnificent colors.

Compared to the limping appearance in the Stargazing college, Ann now uses Mushroom Wand as a hiking crutch, walking as briskly as on flat ground, not like a lame person with inconvenient legs.

A few small stone spirits with hole shaped facial features and a round head like a gray Mantou, they either followed the little witch's feet and played around, or rolled to the front to guide her.

Under the cliff lies an endless sea of trees shrouded in white mist. Occasionally, the wind brushes over the silent and vast mist forest, and this green carpet covering the valleys surges with waves of spectacular emerald waves.

Amidst the swaying and dancing of the tree canopy, a group of relics guarded by huge trees are exposed, resembling ancient sunken ships that have run aground.

The sound of the wind blowing through the sea of trees echoes between the collapsed pillars of the dome, as if singing a long and beautiful poem.

In the center of the Tree Sea, only those proficient in witchcraft can see the flowing light curtain that rises from the cliff and high sky, resembling a transparent glass cover covering a box courtyard, firmly separating the thick fog floating from outside the mountain ——

The boundary of the large earth vein protecting the School Palace, like an indestructible high wall guarding the castle, standing tall for 130 years in the constant erosion of the fog wave day and night.


The location of Stargazing college——“The Big Tree Court illuminated By Emerald Green Light”Carl·Rentiaoriginally a relic of an ancient civilization that sank in the long river of history.

After leading her followers south, Mrs. Stella eradicated the ancient evil spirits that had settled here, and Carl Rentia became the stronghold of the peninsula witches.

To this day, there is still a rumor circulating within the Stargazing college that there is an unknown ancient city ruins sleeping deep in the earth. The terrifying monsters suppressed in it are still seeking to break through the seal and return to the human world, becoming a strange tale that every generation of students has heard.

To this day, there is still a rumor circulating in the Stargazing college that an unknown ancient city ruins are sleeping deep in the earth, and the terrifying monsters imprisoned in it are still seeking to break through the seal and return to the human world, becoming a strange tale that every generation of students has heard.

Ann trekked all the way, bypassing numerous clusters of crystal stones shimmering with a faint blue glow - they were like alternative tree species dotted with emerald colored tree seas and foothills.

The Great Earth Vein Boundary is the extraction of abundant energy from crystal clusters for operation - their rough and sturdy crystal roots penetrate deep underground, and their scale grows day by day. If not controlled and allowed to grow, the open-air crystalline veins can eventually cover the traces of the original tree sea.

After Ann came to Stargazing college to learn about witchcraft, she delved deeper into the fact that these crystal stones, called "Star Stones," were like mist, an environment that populations living on the Vinland continent today cannot avoid.

According to the ancient book "Yig's Book of Truth Search".

At the end of the Golden Age, the cruel and ruthless Fana Empire was destroyed by divine punishment. On the ruins of the shattered capital of the empire, the Holy Tree Incubated by Stars was born, and the Holy Starry Church subsequently emerged. The Star Stones veins are clustered and spread around ancient imperial ruins, and over the past few hundred years, fog gradually rises from underground.

The era when the sun shone brightly has long passed, and the Pan Continent has been shrouded in mist for thousands of years.

No matter how powerful the civilization or how vast the empire is, it is engulfed by fog, and the active range of human civilization is gradually shrinking.

Just like the occurrence of trade winds or tides, various parts of the mainland will erupt in Foggy tides with the changing seasons and stars. Those who are enveloped by violent Foggy tides will gradually become infected with irrational diseases and eventually lose themselves in the depths of Foggy tides, transforming into eternal wandering zombies.

In the foggy era of obscurity, only Star Stones fragments integrated into the planet veins became new light sources. Smart beings rebuild settlements around the Star Stones vein, guarding the faint spark of civilization.

There are various opinions about the origin of fog, but the threat of Fog tide is imminent. In order to resist the endless invasion of fog on life, countless heroes, regardless of national borders and races, have been exploring the path of salvation like moths to the fire for thousands of years.

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