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The Nebula’s Civilization Lakrak Rule 34 theory


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I recently got to the part of the novel where the internet was invented, and I was struck with a sudden realization: does rule 34 exist in this novel? Like it is the 34th rule of the internet, it needs to exist. Like an audience of degenerates exist, why else would Toolbo create dildos when an opportunity arose? You could argue that Toolbo is an exception, but seeing as how the scholars of the empire show no opposition of his appointment as an apostle that represents engineers, the engineers are probably degenerates too. So rule 34 is definitely something that exists in this world. 

The question though is what tags were created? What type of shit did the races of this world create? We have lizardmen, centaurs, elves, gnolls, trolls, ogres, renards, fish people, etc… Their is going to be some weird ass shit on the internet. Like we know there are people in this series that drool over other species, Hwee-Kyung and Sarian to name a few, so what kind of porn would be created to cater to their tastes? Author, you shouldn’t have mentioned dildos and the internet if you don’t want readers to think about the implications of those two combined. I don’t want to think about hot Platy porn you know, but I can’t stop thinking about after the author specifically mentioned the inventor of dildos being an apostle and the development of Pantheon’s supercomputer. I CAN’T GET THESE THOUGHTS OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!!!

So what does Lakrak have to do with rule 34? Nothing at all, but if King Arthur has rule 34 of himself as a hot anime girl, then Lakrak can have it too. The first thing I thought about when I came to realize of the existence of rule 34 in the novel is how some artist in the series would have drawn Lakrak with bulging biceps and two shlongs longer than his tail. I have seen things on the internet and I can see more through my imagination.

If anybody actually read the entirety of my deranged rant, I have one thing to say: why? You knew what you were getting into from this title, why would you read something like this. Anyways, Wuxiaworld please don’t terminate my account.


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