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RMJI needs to get proofread

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I am sorry, but the quality of the translation is pretty bad. It started to get worse and worse after cca chapter 700. Tenses wrong. Whole words just wrong. Sentences that are just cut off in the middle...

Come on, if you want to have a karma gated series, at least give it some small quality assurance. I do not know who, if anyone, proofread it before, but they frankly suck.

It is getting harder and harder to read the novel with the constant errors. They are getting more frequent. I am at about 850 chapters and am dreading what is to come as the quality keeps dropping.


If anything, I think you should add a system where readers can correct stuff for karma. Just reading through I could have fixed about 90% of the errors. Have a "report a translation error" button, where you can afterwards edit part of the text and submit it for review. If it is accepted you get karma.


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