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Raising the Princess After Dying/공주는 죽어서 키운다

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Link: https://page.kakao.com/content/52932133



Synopsis (Mtl):

Minsoo was trapped in Raise Lena.


[He became Leo and was imprisoned in an unfamiliar world with a bland, voiceless text that said, "Start Raising Lena.


"Leo, can you hear me?"


"Leo, what's with the look on your face? Are you playing a prank on me again?"


There he met Lena, a little girl who was picking wild berries.

Lovely Lena. Leo marries her in a peaceful mountain village...


[ Lena is married! Congratulations ].

[ You have failed to complete Raising Lena ]

[ You'll start over ].


Happiest moment.

Lena has disappeared.




"Leo! Can you hear me?"

"What? Lena!"

"Why are you still staring at me? And why are you staring at people like that? Do you want to get punched?"


Lena, clad in thick leather armor and with her sword slung over her shoulder, met Leo's unwavering gaze.


It was a different scenario.




Seeing as how the novels suggested here are rarely picked up, I might as well try to recommend a novel that doesn’t even have a translation yet. “Raising the Princess After Dying” is a novel that revolves around Minsoo, somebody who got sucked into a Princess Maker like game he just recently purchased. With no information whatsoever, Minsoo has to “complete” this game through 3 different scenarios to return back to his world. The scenarios include the following:


Childhood Friends Scenario:

This scenario revolves around the childhood friends, Leo and Lena. Lena wants to be a priest but she sort of has feelings for Leo.


Engagement Scenario:

This scenarios revolves around Leo Dexter and Lena Einar. Since their parents are besties, they are kind of engaged to each other. They both aspire to be knights.


Beggar Brother an Sister Scenario:

This scenario revolves around two beggar siblings, Leo de Yeriel and Lena de Yeriel. As you can tell from their names, these two descend from a very powerful lineage, but were kicked out due to an internal power struggle within the family.


While this seems pretty tame, the fan grinds the shit really hard with a swiftness unforeseen in any fan. From a mysterious war that is soon to arrive, sword masters that can cleave straight through groups of armored knights like their butter, to mysterious beings that control kingdoms behind  the scenes. This game, or whatever this is, is a means to raise some girls into princesses.


Anyways, I like this novel since it was an enjoyable read for me. While to some, Minsoo can be insufferable due to the numerous fuck ups he makes in the scenarios, I could kind of understand why he is like this. He has people he cares about back in his world. And frankly, who would wanted to face the dangers of an incoming war, the dirty slums of kingdoms, or dangerous gods that can rip you apart in a heartbeat even when you become the strongest you could possibly be as a human? Minsoo isn’t the only one I like, but also the Leos who have to deal with the same shit Minsoo experiences. 


Hope this made some sort of sense since I’m not too experienced with writing reviews. I really wanted to write a recommendation for this novel though since I find is hard to believe nobody picked this up when it’s pretty good. Plus, I don’t see WW picking up any well known novels anytime soon, so I thought I might as well give this a shot since nobody knows about this novel. If this review of sorts was incoherent in anyway though, check this site out to get some clarification of what the novels about: https://namu-wiki.translate.goog/w/공주는 죽어서 키운다?_x_tr_sl=ko&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc&_x_tr_hist=true 


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