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The sage who transcended samsara 一世之尊

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I care not of my past and neither of my future.

Conquering all heroes and foes while looking with disdain at the horrors of the Samsara, I yearn only for a life of thrilling wonders!

History will repeat itself after many ages as the menace of the Great Calamity rises once more.

Which will rise with triumph in the face of adversity; the Golden Form of the Great Buddha or the invincible Heavenly Taoist Form?

Which will seize all glory amidst all struggles; The Buddha's Palms or the Seven Strokes of Heaven's Interception?

From the sanctum of the Shaolin Temple, Meng Qi's adventures and struggles through the Samsara begin as we follow his climb to claim the title of "the Unrivaled and the Invincible One"!


Link: https://m.qidian.com/chapter/3249362/88021718/

Reasons why it should be Licensed

The mc at the beginning was a monk (although he was banished from the temple later on) I believe a mc who is a monk is intriguing enough..

It's mythological..based on "Journey of the West"

The author is Cuttlefish that loves Diving.. although it's not LOTM level it's very good and  I really want the novel to be licensed.






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