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Stealing the Heavens 偷天

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Stealing the Heavens begins when the main character is transported from the modern world to a new world more suitable for cultivation after coming into contact with an artifact of his thief sect that reacts to his physique. Curiously, this world also contains the various heroes of China's Warring States period, who appear to have been transported there to cultivate after their deaths. The MC finds a place in the Kingdom of Yan, and begins his cultivation journey.

Stealing the Heavens is an interesting story whose MC has a unique mindset, preferring to steal what he wants and avoids being caught, whilst still being appropriately overpowered. He creates multiple identities for himself, so that he can join multiple, hostile factions. His cultivation technique is of the "get the best of everything" variety, but restrained in such a way that he needs to acquire certain resources to improve it. The setting itself is a more classical type, with cultivation realms like foundation, core, nascent soul, immortal, golden immortal, etc. However there is a twist immortals being hostile to another faction, the Human Emperor and his realm, where humans gain the strength to compete with immortals while still following the natural cycle of life and death. This is a novel that I very much enjoyed while it was being translated on Webnovel, but unfortunately the translation stopped some 300 chapters short of the end. I would be delighted if Wuxiaworld picked up this novel and finally finished it.

I should note that this story is written by the same author as The Magus Era, which has been completed and I very much recommend.

Novel Updates link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/stealing-the-heavens/

Webnovel link: https://www.webnovel.com/book/stealing-the-heavens_8142774106003505

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