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Solution for confusing similar names in novels.

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Back when I started reading novels, I had a lot of confusion keeping track of names.  Especially in novels where they had a lot of very similar names.  Sometimes, I'll just read a novel that seems like they intentionally made all the names confusion.  I understand that's not the case, but either way I was reading a comment about confusing names in Star Gate and it led me to this idea.

I think it would be valuable to have some sort of tagging system, perhaps it could even be user driven like the end of message comments, but I haven't thought super far with this idea.  The basic idea though, is that with confusing names, we can add a tag that lets us better keep track of who is who.  So for star gate, I think the guy was having trouble with Liu Yan, and Liu Long.  Now, I haven't thought super far on this, and I don't know what's easy or hard in terms of programming it, but it seems like adding a tag to the end of names, or allowing users to change the color or font of certain names across the novel, should be a doable thing.

I think these confusing things happen the most with folks who have the same surname.  So using Liu Yan and Liu Long as the names, I'd probably have Liu Yan be pink, Liu Long be blue, and now there's no more confusion. 

While I know this is work that seems to have no huge benefit, I'm sure tons of people on this site have some trouble with following who is who in a novel, especially when they pick back up an old novel they put down.  I'm sure translators probably adjust the names on occasion when they're too similar which also likely deals with this to some degree, but either way, allowing users the option to tag names in novels with colors, or unique symbols, or something, would help all users, but probably more than anyone else, it would help new users.

I don't really care too much about all of this, but imo the best web novel site would have the best readability, and this site already has the best translators and novels, so the only thing left besides continuing to deliver on that front, is adding ease of use things that help limit confusion.  Anyway, that's all I got, hopefully it's not some programming nightmare. 

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