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Pursuing Immortality / 顾道长生

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Description from Novel Updates:

Meet Gu Yu—a college dropout and a talented incense maker, and at the same time, the rather stoic protagonist of this story. Despite his somewhat introverted manner, he has a tendency to make sarcastic remarks in his thoughts. One day, after saving a squirrel, a windfall (metaphorically and literally) dropped into his lap. Stumbling into the cultivation world with little help, he was not turned into Superman overnight (as he would like). Apparently, becoming a cultivator would not make your life easier, at least in the beginning.

Somewhere along the road, he ran into Jiang Xiaozhai, a young woman whose got the brains, the beauty, and maybe one or two secrets of her own. As it turned out, the two made a perfect team—Mulder-and-Scully style. Motivated by many unanswered questions, they had been running up and down the country, getting into all kinds of trouble, and learning more of the modern cultivation world, which is by no means the same as in the ages long past…

Webnovel stopped translationg this years ago and noone pick it up and it'a a pity because MTL doesn't do it justice.

It's a classic premise of cultivation emerging in the modern world, but the MC is no genius and he doesn't find any heaven defying technique or treasure: he just stumble in the road of cultivation a bit earlier and he's fascinated, so he start exploring to better understand it.

This novel is a lot less action oriented than the usual of this genre and the power level is very low for a long time, because the whole world has to rediscover how to cultivate from the beginning, focusing instead on the MC trying to find his Way.

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