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Recommend a new wuxia mobile rpg to you-Beyondwarrior


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As a passionate gamer, I recently had the opportunity to experience a truly immersive Eastern-styled wuxia idle card game called Beyond Warrior. Well, this is the first time I play games about the Wuxia topic and today, I will share my gameplay experience and provide an objective review of the game(hope it is objective).


First and foremost, Beyond Warrior offers an impressive art style that perfectly captures the essence of wuxia culture. The attention to detail in the visual design truly attracts me.


One of the standout features of the game is its captivating storytelling. Yes, I like its CG, which is in some way very delicate and funny.


This is the point why I recommend this game: The game strikes a commendable balance between providing diverse gameplay options and ensuring a relaxing experience. Beyond Warrior has various game modes, PvP, PvE, and GvG. But after I test it, I dont think its very hard to master it. The progression design is fairly good.


However, it is important to note that every game has room for improvement. The one point I need to mention is that, since I am new to the Wuxia game, I think the translation is weird in this game. I saw many so-called Chinese Pinyin in the game, and, some translations do not fit in the UI.


While the visuals and storytelling excel, the gameplay mechanics might be relatively simplistic, lacking depth and challenge. Despite the inclusion of idle mechanics and diverse gameplay options, players seeking complex strategies and more demanding gameplay may find the experience somewhat lacking in complexity.

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