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Red Heart Survey (赤心巡天) on Qidian.


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Red Heart Survey is a xianxia chinese novel on Qidian. It is another amazing novel which is No.1 on Leaderbord (xianxia) and top bestseller list. It is another good novel like beyond the timescape, which is also on the bestseller list.

Here's a translated synopsis.

In the Primordial Era, the Demon Race had gone extinct.In the Near Ancient Era, the Dragon Race had disappeared.The Divine Dao had already flourished like smoke, and the Flying Sword Era had finally fallen … What had happened to this world?Who would listen to the historical truth buried in the river of time?Mountains and rivers spanning a thousand li were filled with corpses, and a hundred years of the universe depicted a hungry tiger.Heaven and earth were as fair as heartless, but I had a pure heart to survey the heavens!


Thanks in advance to WW team for considering this novel.


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