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How do I change the payment method of VIP from the app to the site?

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In the site, all I see on the VIP page is "Please see Google Play for additional details", and in the App, the "Manage" button takes me to Google Play's subscription page, which only lets me cancel or pause the subscription.

Should I just cancel the subscription and renew on the site after? Will this affect the Ebook Voucher progress? Also, is there a way to check on the Ebook Voucher progress?
Thanks in advance 🙂


Edit: Got answered by Jaspaar on the Discord: 


Yeah got to cancel and sign back up - Stripe/Google Play/Apple are separate billing systems that can't interact with each other


I think it would most likely reset it, unfortunately. We don't have an easy way for you to track the progress, but if you DM me your account email address, I can check it

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