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Please.Can I publish a novel?

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WuxiaWorld focuses on releasing Chinese and Korean novels after translating them into English. They are an official e-publishing business, and they buy the exclusive publication rights of the novels they acquire from overseas. You can't self-publish novels here, but if you have a novel written already and you have confidence in it, you can contact them through email and see if they're interested in publishing it, though I haven't gone through the process and can't promise you they will be interested. Their information is in the "Contact Us" section at the end of the web page.

If you're interested in alternatives, Wattpad is a good platform if you're planning to release a story for free since it's a non-profit community (beware the weird fanfics you can find there). If you're looking to publish it professionally, you can google some self-publishing platforms where you can upload a finished book for free and they'll give you royalties based on sales.

Best regards,

-Lord of Potatoes, a casual reader.

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