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His Majesty Wants to Read the New Release!


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Name 황제 폐하는 신간이 보고 싶어

Author : 강무원

Status : Completed

Chapters : 390 chapters + 10 side stories

Original publisher : Reve

I'm not sure if they are the original publisher as i have googled them but i couldn't find any website or articles about them but i found the story in Kakaopage and RidiBooks instead. I appologized for this.

Summary :


Emperor Karlos Josef Rumillesa is known for his intimidating charisma. But he, who is revered as ‘The God of War’, has a secret hobby: he’s a passionate reader of romance novels. The exchanging of anonymous fan letters with his favorite author was his only joy, but…

He had a workload that never seemed to diminish and a very coldblooded and strict Chancellor.

A cousin, that was a Duke who threw away his common sense and temper and always got into trouble.

The strongest knight of the North that fell victim to the Duke’s fervent love.

And a flippant prince of a neighboring country that was dragged to the Kingdom only to be the Duke’s floormat.

Will His Majesty be able to break through all these obstacles and succeed in both fanboying and dating with his favorite author?

A bestseller romance novel author that is like a snow rabbit and the straightforward but pathetic Emperor. The two single-all-their-life’s romance story!

I'm sorry in advance if i sound rude.

Well if you don't mind translating romance webnovel i totally will push for this one. It is worth reading for sure. The summary is kinda misleading for sure as some people thought it is bl but fret not (might dissapointed some people) it is not.

As you can read from the summary, it is about the emperor who loves to read romance novels unlike his appearance. He is a hopeless romantic that can't meet women eyes except his friend/student. Despite that, he gather his courage to meet the female lead, the author of his favourite novels and exchanges letters with her. Their first interaction (first meeting) was so fluffy and heart warming. It was hilarious as well lol.

Even though this webnovel is a romcom, there is even an element of mystery in it. They need to find the serial killers that disrupted our female lead and male lead 'dates'. This genre piqued my interest as it is kind of hard for me to find a novel that can balance well between the comedy and mystery that suit my taste completely.

I also love how crazy the characters are. Especially the duke. He is in another level of crazy and i love that. What suprised me the most are the nobles in the empire didn't even care what the status of the future empress is as long as Karlos will get married as he already passed the marriagable age (i don't know if they're genuine to support his love life as i have only read the early chapters).

For your information, the prologue of this webnovel is unique but informative. You will find out how tired the chancellor is, how many time the duke was rejected and the fluffy letters between the author and her fan. The pacing of the story will not bore you. You will find yourself at the end of the available chapters.

I can assure you, you will get hooked into the story and will crave for the next chapters just like Karlos and me. I really hope i can read this precious story without damaging my brain to read the mtl version. I need to take an important exams next month and i don't want to be diagnosis with brain cancer yet (if possible for the rest of my life). 

Just like how this webnovel brighten my days with laughs and made me felt single with their fluffy interactions, i hope those who read this will feel the same as it is nice when we found someone else who got the same train of thoughts.

Before i forgot, this is a multiple point of view webnovel.

Thank youu ^•^

P.s : i'm sorry for my lacking grammar as english is not my first language

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