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Name: One sword to immortality/Yi Jian Fei Xian/一剑飞仙

Original Publisher: Qidian

Status in COO: 899 chapters (Completed)

Why It Should Get Picked Up: One Sword to Immortality (一剑飞仙) is a Chinese web novel written by Homeless Toad (流浪的蛤蟆). It is completed with  899 chapters. At a certain chapter around 170+ it was second to ISSTH on the Qidian monthly chart. Modern day cultivation novels are rare and good ones even more. OSTI is a good novel with an original cultivation system. The villains are developped and the romance as well. It also tries to answer the following question:"what is being human?". 

Description: A story about an obese teenager who is hard working and honest with his feelings for a girl, however, he is bullied because of his stature. However, one day, under the night sky, he obtained a mysterious power that allowed him to phase through walls! And he discovered that his world might not be what it seems on the surface…

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