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Hero's Diner/괴식식당

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Title: 괴식식당

Unofficial manhwa title: Bizarre Restaurant

Official title (by Tapas): Hero's Diner

Raw: https://page.kakao.com/content/55672614

Manhwa Raw: https://page.kakao.com/content/60530230

Synopsis (copied from mangaupdates):

After saving Terra from the demon king, Yoo Seungwoo came back to Earth with just one goal: open a restaurant and serve his customers Terra's dishes! The catch? Said dishes are made from monster parts and are mostly disgusting. On top of that, his return ends up drawing the government's attention and attracting otherworldly monsters to his planet! In the midst of all the chaos, will this hero manage to fulfill his goal while keeping his business and the world intact?

The era of Stinky tofu, Durian, Surströmming is over. Have you heard about the cooking so bad that you could die on the spot! But your skill would be increasing!? Tera, whose cooking boasts the best(?) taste in all dimensions, through the bravest Yoo Seungwoo's help, has come to peaceful(?) earth. Endure it! If you eat it and don’t die, your level will go up! And then on behalf of me, protect the earth! ‘Bizarre Restaurant’ is open even when the world is going to end.


I'm suck at writing why it's worth licensing. But if I may mention one thing I like about this is, there is no shitty government/hunter international organization that often appears in other novels with similar themes. Really, it's so refreshing to see how these organizations have enough sense not to mess with strong person. And this story even explain that mysterious transmigration truck!! The characters are good and likeable. Since this is a healing novel (in my opinion), you might interested in it. There are 800+ chapter in korean and it's still ongoing.

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