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A look back on webnovel history.


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I've seen shanda's roadmap, seven sea's entertainment, ricecakes entered the ring. old sites like creativenovels, new ones like dreame and good / meganovel. Wattpad, Fanfiction, Royalroad. GT, NU, scribblehub...etc. I think Deathblade is one of the OGs here.

The three giants Kakao, Naver, and Tencent. Any Wuxiaworld historians, wuxiaworld old forums was very similar to NU. Nice to see it back. Well, here's to the Wuxiaworld refresh. 

Keeping good stories alive. ^-^

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by the way, looking for site mottos.

Tapas - Stories you crave.

Webnovel - Read your adventures. 
Wuxiaworld - ??? (Does Wuxiaworld have a motto, I couldn't find one)

Volare - set your imagination free and soar into good stories

RR - It starts with a book, it starts with you. 

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