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Confusing view of chapters list in a novel


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I noticed that all the novels - that I sponsor and that have split chapters - have a behavior which confusing to me. To be more specific and as an example, I sponsor Damn Reincarnation for 2 advanced chapters. So the last chapter available to me right now should be # 347. But when I open the novel with the chapters list, I see chapters up to 351 in the list. But chapters 348 -351 are locked (ie have a lock icon on them). So every time I open a chapters list to read a new chapter, I always spend several seconds trying to figure out which chapter should I click on. It isn't a big problem but not a great user journey either. 
So, I would like to not see chapters that aren't available to me on this list. Or when I click on a novel in the Library view just direct to the last read chapter immediately. 

For context, I use your newly updated Android app. 

P.S. Regardless of my compliant, thanks for the hard work you put into updating the app! 

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