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The Theory of civilization integration: a new theory of the development history of human 2023.6.1.1

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In September 2015, Aylan), a 3-year-old boy who fled Syria with his family due to the war, was killed in the sunken boat. His body was escorted to the beautiful beach by the sea. The waves gently stroked the little Alan lying on the sand, not a smile!

The beautiful scene break the world! People have to sigh!

In the thought of freedom, equality, fraternity has illuminated the earth, the productive forces can create enough material wealth, human beings have become the master of all things on the earth, and began to enter the era of creators, why will there be such a sad tragedy? Where is the "end of history" that the West enjoyed with its victory over the Cold War more than 20 years ago? Is it that "the clash of civilizations" really the destiny of mankind in the 21st century? Where is humanity going? When will the war end? This series of problems have become a difficult knot for all good people to solve.

However, anger is to anger! Grief is also to grief! And the confusion is a big need not have too much!

Close your eyes, let us drop two drops of cheap tears, calm down the heavy and angry mood. Look back at the big textbooks we have learned, the great history we have read, the big story we tell. Most of them are magnificent growth scenes of heroes rising, opening up the territory and changing history. Every one of us have ideals and aspirations, are all for the Qin Shihuang, Caesar, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Washington, Mao Zedong and other heroes, the past dynasties of heroes, incomparable worship, praise. But at this time, we seem to forget that the altar of every war hero in history is made up of many bones. Countless young people, the old people and children roared in the long river of war history and went with the wind.

How contradictory the human minds are!

As a dedicated to the military theory research, in the death of grief, regrets Syria war war at the same time, more should keep in mind that "the war is the political of" the truth, rationally recognize the current era characteristics and the political attribute of war, find effective to wu, to war method, to create a human peace society contribute their wisdom and strength.

In fact, as long as we start from the grasp of the political attributes of the current war, with deep eyes to calmly review the long history, look around the people, examine his heart, it is not hard to find that the history of human civilization is a many people, many groups, under the role of good and evil and fame and wealth, mutual contact, collision, mutual fusion, continue to move forward. In today's era, such contact, collision, integration and progress are still under way. The historical process is not over! The Clash of civilizations is not inevitable! Sadorrow and confusion more unnecessary! Eavugo is necessary!

The change seeks section —— new winning the book from the history of fushan and huntington's civilization conflict theory, with the perspective of civilization fusion, combing the human social conflict struggle to promote civilization progress, summarizes the overall trend of the development of human society, locate the current era in the long history of the bearing, recognize the political attribute of war, put forward to inherit and carry forward the Chinese excellent traditional military thought of new ideas, created a new military theory framework system, established the great change era with wu, to war stop "seeks the war" theory.

The main content of the book can be summarized as "one, two, three and six", namely,: one era, two theories, three inheritance, six innovations.

"One era" is the era of great changes in today. Including how we recognize this era from the historical perspective, and how China won it economically and militarily.

"Two theories" is the theory of "integration of civilizations" and the theory of "fighting war".

"The theory of" civilization integration " puts forward that the two kinds of human nature (good and evil, fame and fortune) and two kinds of difference (intelligence level, family background) lead to two contradictions in human society —— domestic class contradictions and international interests. The struggle against domestic contradictions promotes the level of internal civilization, and the struggle against international contradictions mainly promotes the integration of civilizations. Together, they push human civilization forward. In the current era of great change, the domestic and international conflicts continue, and the civilization form is still evolving, which means that "the end of history" is only the self of Westerners; and the contradiction between human and nature, science and technology begins to rise to the main contradiction of human society, "negotiation" replaces "war" as the main form of solving international contradictions, which shows that "conflict of civilization" is only the decoration of hegemony.

"Plan war" in view of the great changes of the enemy information war, inherit and carry forward the "art of War"  "the crossbow" thought and MAO Zedong's thought of annihilation, put forward to seek the gathering of fast and disciplined combat efficiency advantage on the battlefield, annihilate and defeat the enemy.

"Inheritance of the three" is the historical inheritance of Sun Tzu's Art of War, MAO Zedong's military thought and war planning. It is reflected in two levels:

Strategically, from Sun Wu's Quzhou strategy (first urban and then rural), to Mao Zedong's frontier strategy (rural surrounding the city), to the book's strong bow and arrow (stabilize the surrounding areas and the overseas areas).

Tactically, from Sun Wu's active attack, to MAO Zedong's active defense, and then to the book's active defense.

The "six innovations" are the innovations in six aspects: the history of human development, the military theoretical framework, the law of winning war, the reading of Sun Tzu's Art of War, the arrangement of MAO Zedong's military thought, and the theory of information warfare.

Innovate the history of human development. Inherit the Marxist theory of class contradiction, join the contradiction of interests between countries, explore the law of human social development, and improve the Marxist theory of human development history around the core category of efficiency and fairness.

Innovative military theoretical framework. Inherits the three-level military theoretical framework of "basic theory, strategy and tactics" on War, absorbs the essence of traditional Chinese military thought, improves and constructs the new military theoretical framework of "three categories and fourteen pieces", and breaks the discourse hegemony of western military theory.

Innovate the law of winning in the war, According to the comparison of the eight functional forces of the enemy forces (command, communication, intelligence, killing, heart warfare, defense, deception and support), The comparison between the strength of combat capabilities generated by military construction in peacetime (weapon performance, troop quality, quantity, establishment, training and management), And the comparison of operational effectiveness generated by the use of wartime power (different space, time, weather, people conditions and geographical location), Summarize the four categories of traditional war and four categories of information war, It fills the blank of the law of war victory for thousands of years and solves the ancient problem of why "the weak wins the strong".

Innovate sun Tzu's Art of War and study it. Breaking through the traditional routine since Cao Cao's interpretation and war examples, according to Zhuge Liang's method of "observing its broad ideas", we grasp the thirteen articles of Sun Tzu's Art of War ". Think, sun wu "to listen, is the potential" of "potential", mainly including political economy, geographical balance, strength, field field (field), is the direction of the crossbow (quantity advantage, terrain, morale, fire advantage), launched the enemy.

Innovative MAO Zedong's military thought arrangement. On the basis of inheriting the excerpts of previous views and experience summary, starting from the law of war victory, we adopt the method of comparative research with The Art of War, and systematically sorting out according to the new military theoretical framework. It has clarified the relationship between the people's war, active defense, the strategy and tactics of the people's war, the people's army and the rural surrounding the cities, and effectively raised MAO Zedong's military thought to the general theoretical level, and opened up new ideas for inheriting and developing MAO Zedong's military thought under the condition of informationized war.

Innovate the information combat theory. It broke through the "sword of killing chickens" system of paralysis formed by the US military in the Gulf War, inherited and carried forward the Art of War and MAO Zedong's thought of "war of annihilation", and put forward the "sword of killing lions" system.

The book is divided into two parts. The previous chapter, The General Trend of the World, includes the first to fifth chapters, mainly combs the development trend of human civilization from the perspective of civilization integration, and grasps the historical position, the general trend of development and the political nature of war.

Chapter 1, "The End of Human History". Starting from refuting the final conclusion of Francis Fukuyama's history, the development trend of human society is reorganized. It is believed that everyone has the nature of "good and evil" and "fame and fortune", and there are "intellectual difference" and "family background" between people. The sociality of people causes people to exist in the form of family, clan, tribe, nation, country and other ethnic groups. Human nature and day difference cause individuals and ethnic groups to face the fundamental contradiction of infinite wealth and lack of wealth creation. In order to solve the fundamental contradiction, the members of the ethnic group combine together to form various social relations and contradictions such as power, wealth creation, wealth possession and wealth distribution. Around the social contradictions, the members struggle, promote the improvement of scientific and technology level and the renewal of social concepts, and then promote the spiral progress of the ethnic civilization; outside the ethnic groups, promote the integration of civilization and the progress of all mankind. It is the contradictions and struggles among members of ethnic groups and different ethnic groups that jointly promote the progress of human civilization, that is, the efficiency of wealth creation becomes more efficient and human dignity becomes relatively equal. In the future, human society will gradually move towards the automatic production of wealth production relationship, the public and private adaptation of property ownership relationship, the property distribution relationship to the talented, and the separation of financial power of power relationship.

Chapter 2, "The Clash of Civilization is Not the Fate". On the basis of combing the development trend of human society in the previous chapter, starting with the refutation of Samuel Huntington's theory on the conflict of civilization, we further discuss the contradictions between ethnic groups and the integration of civilization. It is believed that there are four kinds of conflicts between ethnic groups: war, alliance, reform and communication. These four ways play different leading roles in different periods of human society. According to the leading role of the four ways in promoting the integration of civilizations, human society can be divided into five stages: origin integration, war empire, alliance hegemony, vertical and horizontal innovation and multi-polar cooperation. Today's world is in a stage of vertical innovation. At this stage, class contradictions, ethnic contradictions and all state contradictions (the zero-sum game-based contradictions) have been greatly alleviated, and distributive state contradictions (i. e., trade surplus deficit and excess interests of financial hegemony) have become the principal contradictions between countries. The diplomatic maneuvering and internal reform and innovation have become the main way to resolve the contradictions among countries, and "horizontal innovation" has become an important feature of today's world. This is the historical position of today's world.

Chapter the third, "The SWork of the Empire". Although the imperial war is full of slaughter and bloody, it is the main driving force for the integration of human civilization and the development of civilization, and has played a decisive influence on the formation of human civilization in today's world. There are two main types of imperial war-style civilization integration: military capacity expansion and comprehensive efficiency improvement. Among them, the military expansion type was mainly manifested in the continuous brutal conquest of the empire by force, breaking down the estrangement of various ethnic groups, and promoting the scattered communication of different civilizations. Typical representatives are the Assyrian Empire, the Alexandria Empire, and the Mongol Empire. The comprehensive efficiency improvement model is mainly manifested in the process of "suppression, persuasion, profit and development" after the imperial conquest by force, which makes the different civilized groups within the empire willingly integrate into one group, typically the Roman Empire, Han Empire and Arab Empire. With the continuous conquest and rule of the western "sun never sets" empire in modern times, and the spread of values such as "freedom", "democracy" and "equality" around the world, every nation state in the world began to wake up and were no longer willing to be violently ruled, enslaved and integrated by other ethnic groups. Therefore, the world could no longer appear as a great empire built through conquest. Imperial war is no longer the main way of integrating integration, and war is no longer the main way of resolving national contradictions.

Chapter 4, "The American Smile Hegemony."After world war ii, the us elite accurately grasp the world big empire has an end and the historical trend of the globalization of the world, with two camps of east and west international class conflict, led by a customs general agreement (the predecessor of the world trade organization), the international monetary fund, the world bank and NATO, promote the establishment of the multilateral trading system and control the Asia and Europe "world island" system of geopolitical checks and balances, and through three big industry transfer constantly include more countries, so as to build a "smile" type world industry layout. In this industrial layout, the United States and other Western countries occupy the middle and high end of the global industrial chain, while the majority of developing countries are at the middle and low end of the global industrial chain. Taking advantage of the differences in industrial structure, the United States and other developed countries selectively release water to some developing countries, secretly obtain cheap goods produced by developing countries through "fair" trade, and brutally harvest the financial wealth accumulated by developing countries through "fair" investment activities. However, it should also be noted that it is because the United States successfully found the way to realize hegemonic interests —— "smiling" industrial layout of the world, the world has maintained the overall peace for more than 70 years, without the third World War, so that the war withdrew from the dominant position of the integration of civilizations. It is precisely because of the water release of the United States that the world economy, especially the vast developing countries, has developed rapidly. It is precisely because the people of the world are focused on development and construction that all countries and nations in the world have integrated the same standard in economic, scientific and technological, and international political civilization, and the national political civilization has achieved minor integration.

Chapter five, Win-win situation and War in the Era of Change. With the growing development of the world economy, the internal paradox of American economic hegemony promotes the inevitable decline of American hegemony. In order to save the hegemony, the United States voluntarily abandoned the multilateral trade system with the World Trade Organization (WTO) as the core, and successively implemented the "America First" strategy with bilateral trade as the main part and the great power competition strategy with economic containment of China as the main content. The implementation of these strategies, on the surface, it seems that the world is developing in the direction of anti-globalization. In essence, globalization is moving forward in a new form of entropy globalization. The United States abandoned the WTO, making the status of regional economic integration organization in the world economy prominent. Moreover, in addition, countries around the world actively participate in various regional economic integration organizations, promoting the world economy more and more "chaotic" state. Globalization develops from the orderly globalization with WTO as the core to the direction of "chaotic" entropy globalization. The globalization of entropy will inevitably make the global industrial structure and people's income more and more in the form of multiple compound olive. Although the United States has abandoned the traditional multilateral trading system with WTO as the core economically, it still adopts the traditional "world island" geopolitical balance strategy of provoking regional contradictions and launching proxy wars to maintain its hegemony, leading to increasing tension in the world and regional situation. If the control is not good, it may lead to wars between great powers, and even global nuclear wars, pushing the world to the road of destruction. Therefore, we must hold high the banner of a community with a shared future for mankind, work with the people of the world to fight against the acts of world hegemony, deter wars flexibly, supercontrol all kinds of wars, and resolutely avoid world wars.

The next article, The Chinese Art of War, includes chapters 6 to 12. In view of the counterbalance war that the United States may launch in order to save the hegemony, we must strengthen the military construction, inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese military thought, strengthen the innovation of military theory, rebuild the military theoretical framework system, and put forward a new military theory with Chinese characteristics —— seek war.

Among them, chapter 6 "Must Not a copy of the American military". In the argument of the famous American scholar Graham Allison that China's latest military reform is "the copy of the Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986", the situation of the latest military reform is objectively evaluated on the basis of summarizing the historical experience of China's military reform in modern times. A comprehensive comparison of the traditional Chinese military theory with the Art of War as the core and the traditional western military theory with War as the core. It is believed that the fundamental reason for the emergence of various dogmatism in successive Chinese military reforms in modern times is that we have lost the voice in military theory, blindly worshipped and copied western military theories, and lost the ability to think about ourselves.

At present, it is urgent to make a good combination between inheriting and carrying forward China's excellent traditional military thought and absorbing the western military theoretical framework system, and to put forward a new military theory with Chinese characteristics in the era of great changes.

Chapter 7, "The New Military Theoretical System". On the basis of the study of the differences between Chinese and western military theories in Chapter 6, the "three categories and fourteen pieces" military theory framework system integrating the essence of the Eastern and the Western military theories is constructed."Three categories" refers to the basic theory, strategy and tactics; "fourteen blocks" includes four contents in basic theory, war nature, war law, war strategy, military strategy, national defense and military building, military geography, coalition method, joint method, joint method, guidance method, operation method and service method. It also expounds the basic basis and logical idea of constructing the military theory system.

Chapter 8, The Law of Traditional War. It summarizes the five characteristics of the traditional war and the four categories of 20 rules. The five characteristics are: tree structure, counterpoint killing, damage efficiency, hierarchy space, solid layout. Four types of 20 winning rule respectively: combat function superior law of energy destruction (killing), information and sex (heart), energy resistance (resistance), information and sex (deception), information authenticity (intelligence), information policy (command), information alliance (communication), energy protection (guarantee); The equipment of the law of combat capability, personnel, establishment, training, and quantity; Combat effectiveness of the law of heaven, terrain, people, space, time; Comprehensive winning law of cold weapon war space quantity, hot weapon war space quality and combat effectiveness.

Chapter 9, The Battle of Sun Wu. Breakthrough since cao cao many scholars word for word interpretation of the art of war, with reference to zhuge liang "its general" reading method, summarizes the art of war winning ideas: follow yourself, profit, people, to be straight, tricks, such as basic principles, with the enemy cut, cutting, soldiers "fight", to create a favorable state "potential" and win the enemy. Among them, the expedition created the political "trend" (make the people and the upper agree) and the power "situation" (in yi), the expedition created the geographical balance (it could not meet), and the expedition created the war situation on the battlefield (the trend of the war). There were six types of field: "the crowd could not gather", the high health terrain, the momentum of the GUI, and the fire. The control force is usually formed by the combination of the surprise and the real force, terrain and momentum are the control direction and the enemy battle. The real potential, terrain and momentum should be achieved from the static contrast of both forces, and "section is like the engine" from the dynamic comparison. If the government beats the enemy in terms of power, situation and balance, it can "subdue others without fighting". If you defeat the enemy in battle, you can win a hundred battles.

Chapter X, MAO Zedong's Military Thought. On the basis of comprehensively summarizing the conditions and experience of building the country in ancient China, and profoundly clarifying the particularity and difficulties of building the country in Mao Zedong War, MAO Zedong's military thought was deconstructed in paradigm according to the framework system of "three categories and fourteen pieces", and made a comprehensive comparison with Sun Tzu's Art of War. In the war strategy, MAO Zedong inherited Sun Wu, and emphasized the role of political factors, created the "political victory" idea; inherited Sun Wu "all contention" idea, proposed "people war" idea; in military geography, created the strategy; established the people's army idea. In the law of allied forces, we inherited the strategy of "Qu di close intersection" and created the strategy of "gap balance into lead"; in the method of allied forces, we created the thought of internal operation and active defense; in the ideas of "attacking virtual with reality", "high health" and "GUI brave", we proposed the three principles of concentrating superior forces, mountain guerrilla warfare and political work; in the guiding method, the thought of "initiative, flexibility and planning" was put on.

Chapter 11: The Winning Law of Information War. Response to the fifth chapter proposed to wu check, to stop, in view of the current and future a period of our country may be the actual situation of information war, from the information war power change, summarizes the enemy forces under the condition of relatively balanced the characteristics of information war, including: limit performance, architecture, dislocation, fire efficiency, blend space, dynamic cloth, six points. On this basis, the law of winning the information war is summarized.In terms of the winning law of combat function, in addition to the winning law of deception from "information and the strong win" to "information and sex wins and technology wins", and the new "technology wins" of the electromagnetic suppression action, the winning law of other actions has still not changed.In terms of the superior law of combat force, like traditional wars, it can still be evaluated from the aspects of equipment quality, personnel quality, organization, training management, quantity, etc. However, the intelligence (affecting programming, namely network attack ability) factors, and the role of multiple numbers is declining.In terms of combat effectiveness superiority law, it is very different from the traditional wars. For an equal war, the main rules of victory include: the technology of nuclear war, the intelligence of comprehensive cyber war, and the time of conventional war.Comprehensive winning law: time letter fire efficiency gather winning.

Chapter 12 "War". Focus on relatively balanced with enemy information war, inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese military thought, build edge qu double should strong bow strength arrow type to geopolitical situation, affinity world, smart, rapid strain using elite counterattack force, on the basis of efforts to deter war, actively plan specific time fast gathering letter fire combat efficiency advantage, the implementation of positive defense system broken fighters, with local system fighters to promote the favorable development of the battle, win the new era of the people's war. The basic theories include the overcontrol of war and the systematic operation of combat form; the strategic theory includes the war, the new people's war of military strategy, the elite counterattack of national defense and military construction; the tactical theories include the following system of coalition method, the active defense of joint method, the destruction of joint military system, and the rapid response of guiding method.

In general, the author hopes that through the contents of the book, the complicated international situation of the development trend of the human society, enhance the confidence and the pride of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation; with "all reactionaries are paper tigers", strategically despise the heroic spirit of the enemy, and the cautious attitude of the enemy, to find the military strategy to break the powerful enemy in the era of the great change, to escort the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

However, the author is only a military theory lover, with a moment of passion, write down 40 0,000 words. Whether these remarks can really hit the key point of The Times, the readers need not be too investigated. I only hope that you can make a lesson.very hopeful and worth rejoicing!


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