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Wizard: Starting With the Knights Breathing Method (巫师:从骑士呼吸法开始肝经验)

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Associated names:

-Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique
-Wizard: Starts Grinding Experience With Knight Breathing Method
-Wizard: Using the Knight Breathing Method to Begin the Liver Experience

Synopsis: Travelling across a different dimension, you have become a noble who has fallen from grace. With the help of a proficiency panel, you can start your liver experience using the ancestral breathing method used by knights. Let us embark on this bizarre and mysterious journey and follow this wizard’s steps one by one.


This novel was a breath a frsh air for me. I've been on wuxiaworld since Ren created the site and i can say without exageration that i've read many chinese xianxia novel. In fact i've been quite bored of them lately. So much that the number of chinese novel i read this year can be counted with one hand unlike the number of korean novels.

However, this novel was among the best i've ever read. The main character cheat doesn't take much place in the story. It is quite well balanced because well it is a cheat BUT it's not overpowered. The MC must work his ass. 

The Story is well thought and it's quite obvious that it is well planned. In retrospective, i can remember many foreshadowing. Even secondary characters aren't just there to make the MC good. They have real impact in the story and are not neglected by the author (even those that appears in the first arc). The characters are also fleshed out and quite nuanced. The Causes and consequences of any events are explained.  So far i've not seen any plot hole.

And no Harem for the main character.

I believe that those who like me grew tired from the same kind of cultivation novel will definitely like this one. 


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