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Is it possible for the readers to get a block button?

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I think it would be great to have the ability to block certain users' comments that reduce my enjoyment on the platform. I love to read and contribute to the comments, it allows me too relate and further enjoy the novel I'm reading but certain users ruin that for me. Nothing crucial but it would be nice.

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5 hours ago, lark_spur said:

Oh, worry not for the spammers get auto-banned!

Thank you for your support,

Happy reading!

Hi lark

I do not doubt that. But for me there are too many people also just writing "thanks", "thx", etc. below the chapters. I understand that we want to keep engagement high, but a button dedicated for this would be better.

Maybe it is also just novel specific to the ones I currently read (with one big positive exception) XD


But nonetheless, thank you!

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