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  • I was a "Sun of the Light". It was the title given to me by the people and the high-priest to me because of my contribution to the masses and the empire. 

    I live my life selflessly. Whenever someone ask for help, i help. I roam around the empire to eradicate disease, plaque and sufferings. 
    I was a cleric. Though i am not powerful like the paladins but i like healing people and hearing their "thank you"

    After a whole century of roaming i finally returned to Neuter, capital of Atmostus empire. Because of my deed for the past century, i gain the awe of the masses giving me the title "sun of the light" .

    I continue helping people as my healing capabilities increases to the point where i can heal some incurable diseases. That makes me more happy because i can help more people as my healing capabilities increases.  My popularity sky rockets as days went by, but i didn't know that because of that my future is hell.


    Screaming and crying in despair woke me from my sleep, it was late at night when paladins storm my home. They killed my people, burned my house, and even burn my family to stake.

    I was crying as i ran into the forest. All i can do is ran like a madman. I feel so weak.

    " If only i have the power, i would murder them all"

    I don't have any fighting skills nor did train my body to be a combatant. 

    " I help a lot of people but now i cant even help my family"

    I ran, and ran, and ran, and ran until i finally arrive at the neighboring village. It was already morning then when i arrive. People are enthusiastically doing their work, and children are playing happily.

    " Finally i can ask for help" i sight in relief.

    I shouted at them " help me! Some heretics destroyed my home and killed my people" 

    But their response was unexpected, they looked at me with disgust. They even throw rocks at me.

    " Demon! How dare you show your face to us?" 

    " Yo- you even sold a part of our souls to the devil"

    " Guard the demon is here" 

    What is wrong with them? I dedicate my life helping people. I even help some of the villagers living here in the past. But the one that i helped was the one who is more angry? What in actual hell is wrong with them?
    Because of the confusion i didn't notice that the guards are already in my back and knock me out.

    When i woke up, i was in a jail. Someone is standing in front of me, he is arc-bishop Manuel. He is second to the authority, just next to High-priest.

    " Arc-bishop Manuel, why do the people look me in disgust? Why do the paladins storm my house? What did i do wrong? " I asked rapidly n since i want to know the answer rapidly.

    But he only laugh "hahaha, poor Hilmer. You could be the face of the Church but your fame is growing rapidly to the point where we old ones might be overshadowed in few years"
    "Wh- what did you do? "

    " Well, i just spread bad rumors about you like: how you sell the persons soul to the devil to become a high-rank cleric"

    " That is nonsense, people won't believe it" i revoke

    " That is what i thought at first, but i didn't know that the heart of people is so easy to sway. They even resent their saviour because of some roaming rumors" 

    " high-priest wont let you off if he knew about your plot!" 

    "Hahaha, don't worry about me instead you should worry about yourself. In fact the High-priest himself plan it all. Did you know that the High-priest himself, plan the assassination of your master? Hahaha indeed how tragic" 

    "H- h- how is that possible? High-priest is gentle and benevolent man, he- he wont do it" 

    " Truly how naive, just like your master. Dont worry you will meet him soon, for tomorrow is the day of your execution"

    I was lost for words, all i can do is scream my lungs out to release some of my anger.

    The next morning the guard escorted me to cross. 

    Devil are said to be impossible to kill unless burned in holy fire. Since i am the "devil", i already know what will happened to me. I will be burn alive. 

    Thousands of people are gathered 
    September 2017