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  • I think it's obvious that you will need to wait, considering the way QI is working it's still better since there you only pay for current chapters, which means paying $100 will give you like xxx amount of chapters, but with this way you always need …
  • I guess they gave up with this rat race, I mean just look at QI's updates rate so I think you will understand it and if u search NU's forum you will get why both parties translate it (in one word: QI's scheme).
    in HJC Comment by mytus123 May 2018
  • Hi, I found some workaround about this issue, read more here: Maybe it will help you, like it did for me! also if u have better idea, I'm all ears.
  • t2409 said: Yeah this is really out of hand, so many 1 release weeks or no releases at all over past few months, people donate money to get extra chapters, this actually makes WW look bad, either give the translating over to someone else or g…
  • It's been more than 2 weeks since I got simmiliar issue like ppl posting before me (some virus info ads popping up, and u just can't go back to previous site).  So I came here to whine about it a little and tell u that, this thing still exists and i…