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  • i thought so but is great axe a special race or is it just that? i mean does it give him some special abilitys?
  • can someone tel me whats so special about rong jun? i read volume 12 and 13 in mtl and all the really bigshots think he has the best potential above even bran.Nut nobody below knows why.
  • the dao is called grand Dao of Mortality not Morality. If it was Morality then maybe but Mortality has something to do with life or death nothing else.
  • Erbrah said: karoman said: you know, i see no way how this can be resolved good. i mean just marrying Xue´er. How is he gonna explain this to Cang yue? like yeah :"her father killed your father but she was sleeping so its tottaly okay,…
  • you know, i see no way how this can be resolved good. i mean just marrying Xue´er. How is he gonna explain this to Cang yue? like yeah :"her father killed your father but she was sleeping so its tottaly okay, and shes hot so im gonna bang her." no m…
  • can someone tell me if the father of Mcs wife succesfully reincarnates or not?
  • can someone tell me what xue yings rank 1 true meaning is, from his special skill where he lets the star true meaning collapse in a single point it sounds like it coud be black hole.
  • i didnt know a transcendent can simultaniously grasp 2 true meanings? do you perhaps know around which chapter those happen?
  • can someone tell me what true meaning Xue Ying comprehends. cause he stated that all the things he comprehends are those that he needs for his spear to reach perfection, so is it something like the true meaning if the spear?
  • to be honest, the most importent thing is that he was to weak. The talent may be incredible but his total strengh was too little so it didnt matter. and he coudnt make the other elders turn on him case the great elder has been prat of the sect for m…
  • when does he go back to mortal emperor world? and is it gonna be like every xianxia where while he was away everyone tried to fuck up hi people?
  • Also can u tell me what the pet is? thx
  • nice, i read how he got that stone. When does he use it for the first time and how OP is it?
  • why does he give the bow away? didnt it have the chance to become an invincible treasure? and what weapens does he use in the future? only his body?
  • thx for the answer. you know what the pet is? also does he ever get anymore permanent weapen? as of now its only the bow that he permanently uses, And if you still remember, how long does he stay in Secret saint world, and does he return to mortal e…
  • whre i am curretnly in mtl he is in the secret spirit world and became the sect protector of thousand carp river(Mtl) and after that traveled to a city full of real gosts. he wants to open the first omnious grave(Mtl) and obtain something from he lo…
  • can someone tell me why he wants to destroy the heaven protector palace of black dragon king? and what happens to ta kong mountain? does he ever pecks them down a notch?
  • i have to agree. i mean when the heavenly Bow empire was invaded and Mc had to save his country her father kept her from helping him and saving the country she also loves, so i feel that he also really isnt a good person.
  • ad even more important. wasnt that grudge resolved by Shangguan Logyin who said that he is gonna stop it if he saves Shen little demon. And trough Weiqin they would also have a relationship with the Zongtian empire. What happens on the Jewel island,…
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  • but he still kicks the ass of the fei li team right? and im surprised he is sill there again, whats his cultivation at that time and does he represent Heavenly Bow empire or the one where he creates his army?
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  • can someone tell me how exactly he is chased out of the Fei li empire? someone said its cause of Ye paopao but he doesnt really have that authority. Does he tell it the upper echelons and they decide it or what?
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  • i agree. with the death of millions of citizen and the assassination of his father-in-law and insane stress on Cang Yue, Yun che would be a reaaaaaaaaaaalllllyyy BIG asshole if he just said "okay for snow im gonna spare them " or something. it woul…
  • to be honest, i think people overestimate the romantic aspect of yi yuns feelings. Sure he probably values her greatly but i think those are just positive feelings not something romantic, at leat not now. The reason is that Yi Yun is not an innocent…
  • dude how are we supposed to know?? the translations have caught up with the raws^^
  • they were probably jealous cause ZW is not a Fei Li citizen so they dont want him to succeed.
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  • why would they associate the blood feud with the dan dun empire with ZW? the one who killed one of them was that little four right? Also who follows ZW to the new empire? Some of his classmates or just his followers? And how long does he take to cre…
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  • nice^^ i liked the great elderly lord. can u also tell me how the rebellion succeed. the mc had his suspicion that the great elderly Lord already knew about it and didnt do anything?
  • i find it really interesting that the author actually tells you story details^^ and i agree that introducing higher realm dudes right now really sucks. we already had a really high goal with great emperor for now.
  • in the current translation he is about to deal with him forever so you can safely pick it up. its really good.
  • what happened ? when does he die?