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  • Chapter 8 bump, decided to edit it in on the second comment on a whim.
  • Chapter 8: Sticky White Stuff Author's note: Slight disconnect from previous chapter and time skip. I planned on writing a whole chapter about the new cultivation stuff, but decided it's better to skip that and come back to it later.  [hr] The next…
  • Oh wait I can just edit in a general synopsis above my first chapter. *slaps forehead*
  • Haha, one of reasons i was not too happy about RR being the popular site for novels, was that their community was just too 'forgiving' and not willing to accept any form of criticism. That's why appearance of this forums made me want to work harder …
  • RXW, any chance you can give thread authors the power to make posts sticky? That would solve the issue of other peoples' comments creating awkward breaks. It'd also allow people to create synopsises and pull them to the beginning, pretty sure someon…
  • @Yn5an3 I don't like social media. xD which is why I'm against twitter .z. I agree, twitter is awful. I wouldn't ever follow a story using twitter even if it's the best story in the world. Would rather get an email or become an F5 warrior.
  • RXW said no R-18 content and that he didn't want any pornos. So I'm guessing sex scenes are a bust. @Arkanon Why not just put the torture scenes in the spoiler and put a warning above it?
  • On second thought, if you do give someone feedback can you email it or something like that. Like someone said earlier, breaks between chapters are kinda awkward.
  • RXW or some of the other staff, could you read through some of these stories and give us some feedback? I'd rather see a few stories crushed early on instead of them writing 50 chapters then finding out there's not enough quality. Plus I feel like a…
  • what about if a story gets over a certain amount of chapters and is put to a poll and gets a certain number of votes his story can be moved to a viewable platform like your other stories? i know your others are translations whilst these are artists …
  • I don't like when people mix up words like quite/quiet, there/their/they're, your/you're, or were/where. They're very basic words that shouldn't be mixed up even if they look similar. Some examples of proper usage: You're quite ugly. You're quiet. …