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  • 1) in the latest chapters he is at half-imperial lord . 2&3) not sure they rarely shown but i think they are alive 4) after they create the kui dynasty i think there is no more mention of it. Actually heavenspan daois is the master of the ances…
  • Aparently the end of the novel is near
  • It is like the other er gen novel the Higher the realm the longer you live  . for the true eternal i dont know , it wasnt explained .
  • In the raws i read after half god there is -tianzun -then passific or swire (the level of the holly emperor,evil emperor) -the dominate (the realm of the giant guy ) or imperial lord realm -then eternal:  in ch 1241      „DaoDust, you may know th…
  • I think the evil Emperor is interested in the residual fan that the mc obtained also it turned out that he isn't the evil emperor but someone else who took his identity .
  • He is at Quasi- Heavenly Lord. He is trying to reach heavenly 
  • injamambivu said: do any of the animals he released in latest chapter come into play later? Yes in the current chapter of the raws
  • Can someone post a link to this side story , please?
  • femolan said: what is the cultivation of all seer and that sword saint ? They should be at Nirvana Shatterer realm