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  • What rank is Yun Che currently at in the current raws?
  • Which of Ning's disciples actually stay relevant in the war against the Sith?
  • Does Ning lose all his treasures when his "true body" dies later on? How does he die anyway? From what I'm reading in the latest translations is that all the Autarchs seem to want to protect him.
  • How does this arc end? Does Ning kill the Blazesun Source walker or perhaps he even becomes one of his allies ?
  • Thanks for the reply. When does he find his 4th disciple? and any significant role he plays?
  • What Dao does Nuwa actually train in? And which of his disciples actually become an Eternal Emperor/Hegemon ?
  • I remember reading one of the spoilers here that Ning gets a Hegemon level retainer. Is it one of the hegemons trapped in the Jadefire realm?
  • How does Ning survive those going after his realmship? Does someone help him out or he gets some kind of power up again?
  • Prady said: Kross said: Which autarch becomes Ning's benefactor ?  not sure what you mean by benefactor, but pretty much all the autarchs favour ning I read a spoiler here somewhere that in the later books after Ning fails his Dao…
  • Which autarch becomes Ning's benefactor ? 
  • Does Ji Ning ever meet the leader of the Church of Annihilation? And does Pillsaint become a disciple of the Paragon of Pills ? 
  • What book does Ji Ning become a Dao Lord? And likewise an Eternal Emperor? 
  • Thanks! BTW what exactly happens with a "Daomerge"? If successful do they automatically become Eternal Emperors? or just a step higher for Dao Lords (like 1st-2nd step etc.), likewise if they fail do they automatically die as well?
  • Does Daolord Solesky succeed in his Dao merge ? I've read the spoilers and last I've read on him is that it will take longer for him to finish up what he was doing. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe he's "Tianyi" from the volume 24-25-26 summary…
  • Does Ji Ning ever create his own force in the primordial chaos? like his own kingdom ?
  • Damn, so pretty much all the "overlord class" major powers over on the nuwa side died lol (except for Ji Ning of course). How about thundergod, carefree or even Lu Dongbin?  I also read in the summary that a lot of "supreme talents" before like slo…
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  • So I guess Bluefire's not a sovereign yet at this point of the story with the translations since he appeared in the Planar war (assumption on my part since his earth clone is way behind compared to his fire clone and probably won't survive in the Pl…