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  • Hmm I wonder would she be able to sense the devil origin orb YC has since eternal night devil emperor  (if that was his title,I kinda forgot what it was)was a bigshot in the god era I think.
  • Well brahma clan just got the short end of the stick and I wonder how YC will calm her down since in my opinion him having EG blood might just piss her even more.
  • Would he really need to do everything again since the mirror can allow others to keep their memory so if MX and MB keep theirs and Shen xi hers it solves a bunch of problems for the second run.
  • I wonder with the dragon emperor here if the first home made meal YC gets from MX is going to be royal dragon steak?
  • Salty dragon exterminating anyone with the Yun surname damn. And Jun Xilei is a tsundere and its kinda cute plus a sulky MX.
  • I wonder what will become of the other star gods if cai zhi becomes the realm king they might be killed off like @Ravannoc said since after her return she will be full power and full of hate.
  • Ravannoc said: Well YC just got the method to power up his wives again if he could forcefully get the disc / souls within to accept those he forces them to accept as hosts. I can see Cang Yue being the heavenly chief star god somehow it …
  • So moe felt shame for winning using the sword after having his ass beat so he agreed to a deal to let hong'er live? And @Kermit it was in the beauty rankings of the god realm that mars mentioned complete Hong'er.
  • Sweeper Monk said: So a true god or true devil is beyond level 10 divine master. There were at least 501 true devils exiled, and at least one alive. Not sure how many divine masters the human side has, but in chapter 1324, its stated Star God…
  • So the fate of the world rests on smooth che and his womanising ways.
  • So moe is at fault for all the shit that happened so far,he caused the war of gods and demons and now his actions are coming back to bite everybody else in the ass just cus he had a chunni sense of justice.
  • vincent17c said: unbound said: If XQ is the last boss, it'll be very disappointing. Bad character, bad motivations. I hope Xia yuan ba will be turn into a women. with the nihility principal. 100% sure xia yuanba is way better than …
  • @Ravannoc if this means that XQ will betray him it is not that strange in mars novels remeber shuras wrath FMC also betray the MC but was forgiven so it will probaly be the last plot twist or something,they will fight he will be heart broken and in …
  • The chaps are late today.
  • This is all great and nice but I want savage MX not savage Meiyin,couldnt she have been like 10 min late.
  • @Ravannoc I agree next chap will probably be all talk no jutsu the rekt will be for tommorow or the day after.
  • freakycool said: If I am right when YC uses asura's salvation he burns his life force to temporarily increase his cultivation by 1 huge realm so if he has primordial seal of life and death which provides him with unlimited vitality (life forc…
  • Hoho so MX holds a grudge for LG attacking YC before plus the cockblock LG about to get rekt.
  • Lol at babelchain some guy wrote the best comment for this chap and the next :"hell hath no fury like a cougar cockblocked."
  • Ravannoc said: So do we bet we have 2 idiots present, not just Luo Guxie but also Captain Embarrassment(read Luo Changan) as well? I am going to guess YC is gonna be forced into lake area and meet our new gardener before his skinny dipping se…
  • Did big senior sister personalty just leak out or MX learned to tease?
  • vincent17c said: Ravannoc said: Poyun the traitor ... lol who saw that coming?  Amusing having MX exposed by MB. Wonder who will deal with Luo Guxie, will it be MX or our secret admirer XQ metnioned? Wonder if it is her using BB or po…
  • Well I think MX will be confused for a while with her feelings after which she will get a hold of herself probably cus she misses him too much and the things he will say before he leaves will hit her in the feels.
  • Sparty09 said: Tried reading the comments here but its all over the place so can anybody give a quick summary of the events after ch. 1355 until the current raws? He revived in pheonix village and is depressed since his veins are still dea…
  • And so the legend of ling yun continues,and YC underestimates a woman 6th sense.
  • Now that I think about it YC being careful and low profile is fine since for all he knows star god realm is the one in control since he dosent know what happened after he died.
  • So now we likely have some drama in the next few chapters.
  • @Ravannoc that is a good theory you might be on to something there quite likely so.
  • Were did this claim that DE will be a temporary enemy come from,is it from a wechat cus in character spoilers it just says DE hates YC.
  • It just dawned on me that if Shen xi is not the dragon gods daughter and since she jumped into the well that when YC goes looking for her into the well he could find the sword and the real daughter.