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  • Josix_5 said: I have a question for those who are well ahead of the novel, chu zhiyuan rape to zi ling? or chu feng appears and rescues her? Take me out of that doubt that breaks my soul. Who is Chu Zhiyuan? 
  • Things are getting exciting.
  • I bet YC will get killed, then revive in the body of someone from the dragon god Realm. Blah blah everyone thinks he’s dead, blah blah Dragon girl takes him as a master.
  • So Jasmine is Divine Master lvl 8, and Cai Zhi is Divine Master lvl 7. I think Xuanyin is Divine Master lvl 8 Wow the Dragon King (who is considered the strongest person alive) is only DivineMaster lvl 10, so I’m guessing no one is in the Divine Ex…
  • Evaansan said: He just broke through and he should be as strong as a 4th-6th firmament Sky Immortal. He also might have found his daughter. He became an essence soul immortal?
  • What isvolume 13 called? 
  • Xiao Lingxi’s dream is going to come true, then the mirror of samara will revive Yun Che. Obviously he won’t be able to return to blue pole planet so Lingxi will become hella worried and awaken her power. Then her and Xue’er will go to the realm of …
  • Genericfuton said: The novel he was working on got canned do to translation rights issues where the publisher had forgotten they had assigned those rights to a game or animation company. Therefore they would need to negotiate with the other c…
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  • Ok it’s a new chapter 
  • New chapter? Or is it some update/info post?
  • It’s weird that Caizhi can say “my royal father” without any hatred/resentment/mockery attached to it.
  • Jonny the Nightmare said: There's only 3 days left until the god conference, I'm going to be really pissed if MX & MB give the universe penta jade pellet to Xiaolan.  The very pellet that YC had painstakingly gathered and we had to sit t…
  • bonifide said: iamtawsif said: bonifide said: iSYNDICATE said: Are there realms beyond diety world and abyss world, like once he gets stronger than his teacher where will he go?  It's been a while but which teacher he …
  • I wonder what secret the Feng girl was gonna spill to Xue’er before her brother stopped her.
  • I always thought jasmine was getting sacrificed bc they found someone better suited to the slaughter god legacy? Like if Jasmine is 80% compatible the other person is 90%?
  • Evaansan said: So the author can write 1k chapters with QY looking for her. Is she being held hostage by the fiend Empyrean Lord? What if she becomes a fiend too lol.
  • Evaansan said: Went to a Great World looking for treasures. Meets his son from his second "dream". Breakthrough to become as strong as a Sky Immortal. Gets enough treasure to pay the dragon to find his wife. That's the end of volume 10.Volume…
  • Yeah that’s why she has two personalities or something 
  • I haven’t read an ATG chapter raw or translated since 2017 but just reading the latest raw made me want to binge read everything ....
  • Morbil said: Perhaps its like with Feng Xue'er, after sleeping with YC MX ice phoenix soul awakened and give her boost in cultivation?I don't think MX has Ice Phoenix soul, just the three drops of origin blood. The divine soul fragment that w…
  • Smooth Che the 3rd said: Okay, so I'll try answering some questions people have: @ExaltedSoul I haven't read translations in a long time, so I'll assume Heavenly Immortal = True Immortal (LNMTL) and Exalted = Venerable (LNMTL). Chu Clan Clan…
  • @RWX
  • Who the heck is LF?
  • praphethat223 said: @chrismacks @Suran @CantThinkOfAName  Anyway, I thought that one week would be enough for the TL to update 10 chapters or so, but no updates ;( Well, let's begin... Ch. 203 - 206 MC travels to the Central Lands…
  • iSYNDICATE said: Around which chapter does his grade one meaning get exposed? And when does the gathering/tournament arc end?  bump
  • @praphethat223 thanks, can’t wait!
  • Looking for summaries till current raws
  • What chapter does Nuwa return to the three realms?
  • xsdarknesssx said: Although I enjoy this novel, the war arc is starting to get way over the top BS.  These 2 Deities decide to invade the MC home world yet due to some arbitrary world laws/universe laws that seem to prevent Deities from retur…