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  • Well thank you everyone for clearing that up haha
  • BrokenViha said: After book 10, It pretty much becomes a must have, so yeah 3 month long archaeological dig. Yeah lol. I've just caught up. It's nice having a Ln authour that can foreshadow.
  • Qoniu said: Can't think of any MC that's like Leylin, but I'd place Chu Feng from MGA somewhere between Yun Che and Leylin. He's very ruthless and slaughters his enemies without second chances, but he's not doing that just for his own good, b…
  • Hey I'm a recreational writer. Mainly short stories and poetry and haven't done much lately because of work but if you were wanting some feedback or someone to bounce ideas off I'd love to get involved.
  • Lol. You could probably fill in the gaps dude it's not that hard. They're people using their free time to entertain you translating in their second or third language. Cut them some slack or offer correction or help for future chapters.
  • Fair call. I kinda forgot that part haha. He does do a lot of questionable things, and more often than not there are civilian casualties, but they're merely collateral damage in big scheme of things. From a magicians point of view levelling a city b…
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  • I read it more as that the magus before him was only able to cultivate to Rank 4 and that he'd have to breakthrough himself after. No evidence behind this at all. Pure conjecture. CantThinkOfAName said: Pure but limited potential since it was…
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  • Clyne said: this is disgusting if he really kill innocent people are you guys serious with this? i never read this before, so i need someone to clarify this The term innocent isn't really the case for the people he kills. They're mostly u…
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  • Just wondering where all these chapters are that everyone is discussing, or can y'all read Chinese and are reading OG... Wish I took mandarin back in highschool
  • Evaansan said: He doesn't have any personal issue. That's what he did with his previous novel when he started TDG and now he's just doing it again. Did his grandfather die twice?!! Must've lost a fate soul.
  • phitness said: FallenLeaf said: phitness said: FallenLeaf said: Can someone summarize the next few chapters? Tried reading the translations, but it's really terrible. Can't wait for this arc to resolve! Nie Li basicall…
  • CKtalon said: According to the latest update by the author (8 Jun), his grandfather has passed away. He will slowly write the novel to allow the manhua to catch up. There's also some problems with the contract that once settled, he may resume…
  • DarthBlood said: RoloMontneel said: ^ true that... this novel had such potential, too bad the authors a dumb ass Can you explain what you mean by that? If you still really don't know, go read the other thread about Cons…
  • Is nether master the god of the law of nether?? I never got why they called him nether master instead of nether god.